Recorded Webinar: Move fast and innovate with Citizen Developers

Move fast and innovate with Citizen Developers

Traditional app-development efforts can take months to translate business requirements into a usable application or feature. For the business user, you can come up with ideas to improve efficiency or productivity at work, which will help you and your colleagues. Your create the proposal, brief it into the developers – and the excitement builds.  And then you wait. And wait some more.

Enter citizen development. The creation of business applications by the business users themselves. The people who know why they need the app and what they need it for. Citizen development gives the business user the opportunity to be innovative in improving their own business processes.

With a little bit of know-how, some tips and tricks and us showing you what is possible – you can become a citizen developer, speed up your app development and work in partnership with IT. It’s a win-win for everyone.


Move fast and innovate with Citizen Developers

In this webinar we demonstrate some “low code” applications that you can create in your Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement platform at no additional charge!

We show you how to use something called the Common Data Model and the Power Platform to create innovative solutions, solve problems and create new opportunities across your business functions.



  • Dave Ives – Business Unit Lead: Business Applications
  • Drihan Bester – Solution Sales Professional


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