Recorded Webinar: Introduction to Customer Insights

Webinar: Introduction to Customer Insights

All businesses have to understand their customers better in order to take appropriate actions for upselling and retaining existing customers as well as attracting profitable new ones.

To get the insights to empower this, data needs to be collected and analysed from a range of different sources– such as CRM, billing systems, call centres, eCommerce sites, satisfaction surveys, promotional activities and social media.

This is the essence of the Customer Data Platform (CDP), a consolidated repository that is the foundation of all customer-related insights:

  • Which customers are likely to move to your competitors?
  • What is the next product to pitch to this customer based on their behavioural profile?
  • Which prospects are more likely to close if you give them the right amount of attention?

Watch the recorded webinar: Introduction to Customer Insights with Dynamics 365 and learn how you can leverage all of your data to get valuable insights and take action at scale!

Expect an interactive session, including thought leadership, best practice and questions and answers and discussions between the presenters and audience.

Your presenters:

Paul Morgan – Business Unit Lead: Data, Planning and Analytics

Jules De Ponte – Sales Specialist Professional: Data, Planning and Analytics

Access the Introduction to Customer Insights Webinar

Learn how to leverage all of your data to gain valuable insights and take action at scale!

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