Video: Through My Lens with Collin Govender – Altron Karabina is Back ! FY22 to FY23

AK Is Back

Altron Karabina is Back !

A view of FY22 and Looking Ahead at FY23

Collin Govender shares his experience of FY22, which ended in February 2022 and also shares some insights to where Altron Karabina is going to in FY23.

Collin shares that key indicators all show a high level of growth, including revenue, profit, employee engagement and net promoter score indicating a strong level of sustainability.

“If you look at the last financial year, we have just been through, it was a difficult year…”

Watch the video below:

You can also watch this video on Altron Karabina’s Altron Karabina YouTube Channel

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The “Through My Lens with Collin Govender” is a series about life and leadership, shared by Collin in his open communication style which seeks to bring the authenticity back to corporate communications.  Collin’s career spans over 20 years and prior to being the Managing Director of Altron Karabina he was an Executive at Altron Group where he was responsible for Shared Services and then the Group CIO.  His experience of being an internal customer at Altron Group has allowed him to relate first hand, and to empathise with the experiences of many of Altron Karabina’s customers’ – an experience that few MD’s in this role can claim, and this position provides for a differentiated view point which we will see unfold in this series as he seeks to uphold the Altron vision of being a highly differentiated technology solutions provider.

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