A Video Introduction to ClickDimensions

ClickDimensions video

ClickDimensions is the top-rated email marketing and marketing automation solution for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. It enables your business to grow by providing you with everything you need for increased revenue with lower marketing expenses. Allow your sales and marketing teams to be on the same page, analyse your campaigns from start to finish and enable your sales teams to know more about their prospects.

If you are looking for a solution for the following, then you should be looking at CRM Online with ClickDimensions.

• Email Marketing
• Campaign Automation
• Web Forms
• Event Management
• Reporting and Analytics
• Surveys
• Web Intelligence
• Lead Scoring
• Landing Pages

Take a look at this short video for the many features of ClickDimensions:

Contact us to set up a CRM Online Demo session for Marketing where we will cover the features and benefits and answer the questions to your marketing pain points.

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