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Executive Summary on IDC White Paper

Success in the digital economy is underpinned by intelligent data-driven decision making. Enterprises must make key decisions at different levels every day — strategic, operational, and tactical — and those decisions must be made on up-to-date data that often resides in enterprise systems of record: data warehouses, repositories, etc. Reports and analytics have been part of decision making for decades, but line-of-business (LOB) knowledge workers either are dependent on IT to get reports and data feeds out of complex applications and/or use desktop tools like spreadsheets to run their analyses on snapshots of data. Regardless of company size, IDC has found that the use of spreadsheets is very common, especially in the office of finance, to provide insights into the state of the business.

IDC White Paper

IDC interviewed organisations that have deployed Vena Solutions software to support their creation and delivery of budgets as well as other finance-related planning activities. These organisations explained that Vena Solutions has helped them streamline and improve the quality of budgets. As a result, they devote less staff time to budgetary activities and reduce budget-related risk. Further, by offering a user-friendly interface and improved visibility into budget processes, they have made more line-of-business users robust participants in budgetary processes. Based on these organisations’ experiences, IDC’s analysis shows that these organisations are achieving strong value from their investment in Vena Solutions, which IDC projects will yield an average three-year ROI of 456%, by:

  • Speeding up the creation and approval of budgets, which means less staff time is expended on budgetary activities for finance and other teams
  • Substantially reducing the frequency of budget-related errors, thereby minimising budget related risk and staff time required to address errors
  • Bringing LOB users closer to budgetary processes, minimising friction by involving these teams and providing them with information that they can apply to their day-to-day jobs

Business Value Highlights

  • 456% three-year ROI
  • 6 months to payback
  • 90% fewer budgetary errors
  • 60% less staff time per budgetary cycle
  • 45% faster creation of budgets
  •  23% faster to get to budgetary approval
  • 19% higher finance team productivity
  • 6% higher operations team productivity

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  1. Is Marketing Automation necessary for all kinds of business? If Yes, Which is the preferable platform for marketing Automation among Marketo, Aritic PinPoint, Hubspot?

    • Hi Phillips. It is necessary when your business starts to grow and you are trying to manage various social media platforms, converting leads from names to opportunities and so on. When a business grows, different people start working on accounts, more leads are coming in, and doing things manually takes time. Marketing Automation tools like lead scoring, campaign automation through email nurtures etc helps the marketer to still be in contact with leads, without physically going in and having to send the email. Emails are set up beforehand and triggered at certain times, or events (form completed, clicked on a certain link etc). If you are just managing a small number of customers then dealing with this is easy, but once you start having hundreds to thousands of leads or customers to deal with, then automation helps to segment these customers, customise and spread your marketing message a lot easier. If the company has sales, service and marketing departments then we suggest Dynamics 365, as the whole company benefits from a s ingle view of the customer, along with Click Dimensions, which provides the marketing tools within Dynamics 365. This takes away having various platforms, importing, exporting of data. Click Dimensions is native in Dynamics 365. Hope this helps!

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