Why now is the best time to upgrade to Jet Analytics

Why Now is the Best Time to Upgrade to Jet Analytics

Business intelligence isn’t a new idea but it is one that few organisations haven’t thoroughly explored.

It’s a complex topic. How do you begin to unpack troves of data about how your business operational performance can be used to determine the success of your organisation?

And there’s a question of using the data to make decisions. Is it inaccurate? Do you have the tools you need to extrapolate data points and create reports that uncover insights?

While these are just a couple of the pressing issues businesses face, equally challenging concerns relate to access to data. Smart businesses understand the potential of empowered team members. They know that breakthroughs come from more minds trying to solve problems. They also realise that solving problems requires the right technology.

Jet Analytics is the panacea.

It bolts onto Microsoft’s BI stack, making it easy to transition to. But it also comes with a set of features that businesses would be hard-pressed to operate without. These include everything from the ability to access real-time reporting, valuable integrations and customisable dashboards.

If your organisation is considering elevating its BI solution linked to your Microsoft ERP, here’s a look at what Jet Analytics can offer you.

Comprehensive Reporting Capabilities

Reporting is an inescapable aspect of business. Enterprises need to be able to produce various types of reports to be used to track operational efficiencies and plan resources accordingly.

Jet Analytics offers businesses the ability to create financial reports from data that belong to any general ledger account, and an option of merging data from separate organisations into a single report.

Reporting is also enhanced with additional features. You will have access to:

  • Real-time reporting that’s drawn directly from your database saving the hassle off labour-intensive copying and pasting.
  • Pre-built templates to speed up the creation of reports
  • Operational and business reporting functionality that allows you to access all tables, fields, modules, third-party add-ons and customisations within Microsoft Dynamics to help you produce reporting in any format your business requires
  • Report automation to ensure you always know how your business is performing

Empower Team Members

A seat at the boardroom table doesn’t often equate to access to all information you need to make informed decisions. And as businesses begin to rely on more technology to optimise performance, users are forced to spend more time learning how to work with often complex applications.

Truth is, not all BI applications are easy to operate. Most require the ability to code or expert Excel skills to produce information you need to drive discussions and meetings.

Jet Analytics simplifies it all.

Using pre-built dashboards and reporting templates, anyone is able to extract and present critical information. For busy organisations that need to be both agile and highly competitive, team members are able to leverage business data and contribute ways previously unavailable.

What about data security and access control? Jet Analytics takes care of that too. Using advanced security, you can assign user rights to team members. You have the ability to determine who has access to what information.

Insightful Dashboards

Access to powerful dashboards can help businesses quickly and easily take the pulse of their operations. Dashboards, however, can be complex to develop and sometimes even harder to interpret.

Jet Analytics offers dashboards that are easy to read and customise. Users can to access the collection of pre-built dashboards or customise and design their own. What’s more, users can access dashboards through mobile devices and the web using JET HUB.

Smart Integrations

Today, enterprises rely on more than one application to run efficiently. This has lead to the idea of technology stacks evolving and the need to consider cross-compatibility and inter-operability between applications.

As a corporate analytics and reporting platform, Jet Analytics works perfectly with Excel, Power BI, Dynamics NAV, GP, AX, D365 Business Central and D365 Finance and Operations.


Business intelligence solutions are not all equal. Today, the best and most effective are the BI solutions empower teams to do more with less technical know-how.

Jet Analytics does this and more. It bridges the gap for businesses that require fast and accurate data, giving them all the capabilities required to use BI to generate tangible results.

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