All the technology, but poor user adoption?


Technology is often seen hand in hand with complexity, lack of skilled resources and poor user adoption. As a result, management does not see the value or return on investment that they expected.

At Altron Karabina, we do not provide standard training that you would expect from a training institution.

The training that we offer can be generic classroom training or customised to your business, on-site, based on your data and the problems that your employees are experiencing.

We deliver training that covers best practice and design, to hands on user training, so that adoption happens quickly and effectively.

Power BI

Full day class using Power BI Online and Power BI Desktop. Power BI enables a live view of your business, fast and easy access to your data and insights available on any device.

  • Datasets, importing and transforming your data
  • Creating dashboards
  • Uploading reports
  • And more!

Advanced Power BI

The Advanced Power BI and DAX Masterclass is Altron Karabina’s follow-up course to the Power BI Masterclass. This course is aimed at providing BI developers with a more advanced understanding of the Power BI tool and its capabilities.

Microsoft Power Apps and Flow

This course one day course will introduce business users to powerful new productivity tools that they can leverage to enhance their own productivity as well as drive business objectives and goals.

  • Understand the basics of PowerApps + Flow
  • Build business apps that work on browsers and mobile devices
  • Automate repetitive actions using Flow

Microsoft Office 365

The Altron Karabina Office 365 Masterclass will provide you with hands-on training using Office 365.

  • Provide complete overview of business productivity tools
  • Enable employees to be more productive
  • How to collaborate efficiently with Office 365
  • Search for content effectively
  • Create portals and workspaces

Data Science

The half-day Data Science for Business course is intended to expose data science and machine learning concepts to C-Level executives and other managers keen to implement these techniques in their business.

  • How does one go about starting a machine learning project?
  • How can you tell if machine learning is the best tool for the job?

This course aims to answer these questions by providing a high-level overview of what data science and machine learning is, and how it can be used in your business.

Custom Training

Altron Karabina can provide custom training across any of our solutions and offerings. From customer training on site at your business, to using our in-house training room.

  • Contact us and let us know what you are looking for and we can advise.

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