All the technology, but poor user adoption?
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Technology is often seen hand in hand with complexity, lack of skilled resources and poor user adoption. As a result, management does not see the value or return on investment that they expected.

At Altron Karabina, we do not provide standard training that you would expect from a training institution.

The training that we offer can be generic classroom training or customised to your business, on-site, based on your data and the problems that your employees are experiencing.

We deliver training that covers best practice and design, to hands on user training, so that adoption happens quickly and effectively.

Power BI

Power BI enables a live view of your business, fast and easy access to your data and insights available on any device. We offer training from beginner to expert level in the following masterclasses:

  • Introduction to Power BI for Business Users – Half day
  • Introduction to Dashboard Creation – 1 day
  • Introduction to Dashboard Creation (Premium) – 2 days
  • Advanced Power BI and DAX – 2 days

Data Literacy

For any organisation to be data driven, it needs to be data literate. The more data literate it is, the better its results will be. For someone to be data literate means that they can read, work with, analyse and interrogate data. This half day course covers:

  • The importance of analytics and literacy in driving success
  • Building a data literacy culture into you existing organisational culture
  • Overview of a data literacy strategy and framework
  • Data storytelling – What it is and why it is important

Microsoft Power Apps and Power Automate

Are you looking to create business apps, quickly, with no coding experience? Do you want to improve productivity in your department or business, by allowing the sharing of information and data with co-workers via an app? Do you want workflows to kick off tasks, notify users and make admin intensive tasks less tedious?

We offer the following courses to assist with understanding how to utilise the Microsoft Power Apps and Power Automate platforms:

  • Power Apps – App in a day
  • Power Apps and Power Automate Masterclass

Microsoft Office 365

Our one day Office 365 Masterclass will provide you with hands-on training using Office 365.

  • A complete overview of business productivity tools
  • Enabling employees to be more productive
  • Collaborating efficiently with Office 365
  • Searching for content effectively
  • Creating portals and workspaces

Data Science

The half-day Data Science for Business course is intended to expose data science and machine learning concepts to C-Level executives and other managers keen to implement these techniques in their business.

  • How does one go about starting a machine learning project?
  • How can you tell if machine learning is the best tool for the job?

This course aims to answer these questions by providing a high-level overview of what data science and machine learning is, and how it can be used in your business.

Azure DevOps

With the tools provided by Microsoft Azure and industry tried and tested principles, DevOps can dramatically improve the operations and output of a development department while reducing operational cost by minimising bugs and maintenance.

This three day course covers the following Azure DevOps components:

  • Azure Boards
  • Visual Studio\Visual Studio Code and Azure Repo
  • Azure Pipelines and Azure Test plans
  • Azure Release Management
  • Azure Monitor and Application Insights

Jet Reports

Jet Reports is a fast and flexible financial and business reporting tool inside Excel and on the web.

This 3-day workshop is an in-depth dive into the tools and skillsets required to begin writing reports.

  • Creating a report using Jet’s report writing procedure
  • Report writing through discussions, data gathering and organising, report building and testing
  • A practical excercise where users write their own reports under the guidance of the instructor

Custom Training

Altron Karabina can provide custom training across any of our solutions and offerings. From customer training on site at your business, to using our in-house training room.

  • Contact us and let us know what you are looking for and we can advise.

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