SQL to Azure Synapse

Why migrate your
SQL to Synapse?

The expected outcome is that the new solution will replace the old on-premise solution seamlessly, saving traditional server-based licensing and hardware costs, as well as improving performance and providing an industrial-strength data platform designed for all future data collection, storage and analysis requirements.

Our research and experience has suggested a number of technical business reasons why customers would consider this solution:

Resource Costs

Additional cost to add storage capacity, CPUs and licenses as the amount and variety of data stored by their current data warehouse grows

Speed of Execution

Business demands new data sets to be added quickly to the warehouse – IT does not have capacity

On Premises Performance Limits

Business demands higher performance for queries, and for data updates – server is reaching limits

On Premises Speed Limits

Business demands data to be loaded more frequently, and even streamed data – process is not fast enough

On Premises Capability

Business demands a wider variety of data to be available for querying, eg: Txt files, pdfs, images and videos – SQL not able to manage new data easily

Data Sources are Cloud Based

More source data is moving into the cloud – and it makes sense to move the data platform onto the cloud

Synapse or Azure SQL DB?

Data size is important.

If the current data warehouse is less than 500GB, then some of the benefits of Synapse may not be apparent, an alternative is to migrate to Azure SQL DB (we can help you with that too).

infographic_synapse or Azure DB v1
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Azure Synapse Migration Models

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