Microsoft Enterprise Agreement

Microsoft Enterprise Agreement

Altron Karabina are the partner of choice to turn potential into action by redefining the Microsoft Licensing Partner landscape.

An Enterprise Agreement offers value to organisations with 500 or more users or devices. It gives you a manageable volume licensing programme with the flexibility to buy cloud services and software services under one agreement.

Altron Karabina is a Licensing Solution Provider (LSP) as well as a Cloud Solution Provider (CSP). We understand the best of both and are able to guide you in choosing the best agreement for your business. Whether you want flexibility, stability, self service capabilities or monthly and quarterly reviews – we are here to take the complexity of licensing off of your hands.

We will provide you with a differentiated experience that goes above and beyond.


We are committed to our partnerships and should we not meet our commitment - we pay back a guarantee to our customer

We are redefining the LSP Engagement

We have developed a framework ensuring continual engagement across the life-cycle of your contract and our partnership.

The engagement not only focuses on licensing but also ensures that we are maximising a return on your investment.
We make sure we are continuously aligned to your business strategy.

We map out a series of activities per quarter, which includes assessments, road-maps, training and more, and we continue this throughout the partnership.
We also have a guarantee Service Level Agreement - which means if we are not delivering - we pay you back!
We focus on 5 key themes during our partnership:
Risk + Compliance
Managed Services

Benefits of an Enterprise Agreement

Best Value

You can get best pricing, discounts and added benefits like planning services, end user and technical training and software assurance on the EA agreement. You also get 24/7 technical support.


Access the latest versions of cloud and on-premises software with Software Assurance. Choose from cloud, on-premises or a hybrid model and adapt licensing to fit to your unique requirements.


Because it is a single organisation wide agreement you can simplify purchasing with predictable payments. As your partner we will help to manage all your licensing throughout the agreement.

Common Questions and Answers

What is an Enterprise Agreement?

The Microsoft Enterprise Agreement offers the best value to organisation of over 500 users or devices. It provides a manageable volume licensing programme that gives flexibility to purchase cloud services and software services under one agreement.

How is an Enterprise Agreement structured?

It is a three year programme, which helps to forecast software technology costs up to three years in advance.

What do you get with an Enterprise Agreement?

You can purchase Microsoft end-user products and online services as well as server and cloud technologies. You also have access to enrollments which gives you access to best pricing, cloud optimised licensing options and simplified license management.

How much flexibility do I have with an EA during the term?

It gives you flexibility to add or remove additional cloud services and software at pre-agreed terms and pricing to the agreement when needed without having to report or order each time.

How do you know you are buying the most optimal licenses for a solution?

Altron Karabina provides a solution license guarantee as we are both the licensing partner and the solution partner and as such will have intimate knowledge of the solution being rolled out and the requirements and outcomes.

What does a True-Up mean?

During your Enterprise Agreement term you can adjust and add users, devices, services and products at any time without having to do individual orders.


This guide gives an in-depth overview of the Enterprise Agreement and how it works

Glossary of Terms

Not sure what everything means?

Term Description
CSP Cloud Solution Provider programme from Microsoft. The CSP allows us to sell Microsoft cloud services to our customers. Through this programme we can add value to customers by giving  a better cloud experience with support, advice and billing flexibility.
LSP Licensing Solution Provider. As an LSP, we can sell volume licensing through Microsoft. On the customer side, this is typically known as an Enterprise Agreement (EA)
EA An Enterprise Agreement is typically for organisations larger than 500 users. The customer signs a three year agreement and is billed upfront annually.
On-prem On-premise means it is installed and runs on the computers at the premises of the company or the person using the software.
True Up A True Up is an annual process whereby enterprise agreement customers reconcile all the licenses they have added in the previous 12 months. It gives the customer a chance to ensure that they are managing and tracking their licenses efficiently.

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