Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider

Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider

Altron Karabina are the partner of choice to turn potential into action by redefining the Microsoft Licensing Partner landscape.

Choosing the Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) programme allows you to access a flexible contract, that can be scaled up or down, according to your needs.

CSP covers all three of the Microsoft Clouds – Azure, Dynamics 365 and Microsoft 365 – as well as software subscriptions for Windows and SQL Server.

As your CSP partner, we will make sure you get the most out of your licensing, taking advantage of the pay as you go model, as well as accessing discounts via our optimisation advice and support.

We have a team of dedicated specialists who help our clients gain confidence in their decision to move to the cloud, through an assessment first approach – guiding you every step of the way.

We provide you with a CSP Marketplace where you can manage your subscriptions, view your monthly billing or browse the catalogue and make additional licensing investments if required.

Benefits of the Cloud Solution Programme


You only pay for what you want or what you use. You can scale up or down monthly.

Monthly Billing

You will receive a bill for you licenses and / or the Azure consumption you have used on a monthly basis.

No Upfront Billing

No upfront costs like an Enterprise or Open Agreement, giving you flexibility to scale up or down.


Altron Karabina will be your point of contact for all support issues. We know the products, and scale and grow with your business needs.

One Point of Contact

You can have all your licenses with us, so one point of contact looking after all your needs, providing expertise, skills and advice.

Service Level Agreement

Purchasing through a CSP, means you are covered by the Microsoft SLA, as well as our own additional service level agreements.

Common Questions and Answers

Who is the CSP contract with?

The customer signs an Altron Karbina Terms and Conditions Agreement as well as as a Microsoft Cloud Agreement for use of the software.

Does the customer stay in control of the admin?

Yes, the customer can stay in control and we are also able to do the admin on their behalf.

Can I license my on-premise with CSP?

No – CSP only deals with cloud licensing. The customer would need to have another agreement for on-premise products. Altron Karabina can assist with on-premise licensing.

Who invoices the customer?

The CSP partner will invoice and support the customer directly.

Does the customer still sign an agreement?

Yes – you will sign a Microsoft Cloud Agreement. Microsoft determines the condition of use, but your CSP partner will invoice and provide support  directly. The customer will also accept an Altron Karabina Terms and Conditions agreement.

What is a Direct CSP vs Indirect CSP?

A Direct CSP will work directly with Microsoft, purchase the SKU’s and sell to the customer. The Direct CSP also offers support to the customer. An Indirect CSP works with a CSP distributor and not directly with Microsoft and does not provide the additional support to the customer.


This guide gives you a comparison between the different licensing agreements that Microsoft offers.

Glossary of Terms

Not sure what everything means?

Term Description
CSP Cloud Solution Programme from Microsoft. The CSP allows us to sell Microsoft cloud services to our customers. Through this programme we can add value to customers by giving  a better cloud experience with support, advice and billing flexibility.
LSP Licensing Solution Provider. As an LSP, we can sell volume licensing through Microsoft. On the customer side, this is typically known as an Enterprise Agreement (EA).
EA An Enterprise Agreement is typically for organisations larger than 500 users. The customer signs a three year agreement and is billed upfront annually. You can find out more about Enterprise Agreements here.
On-prem On-premise means it is installed and runs on the computers at the premises of the company or the person using the software.

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Altron Karabina’s certified experts are dedicated to the Microsoft technology platform. Our expertise ranges from consulting services to deployment and managed services, including licensing and asset management offerings.

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