Make the move to

Microsoft Azure

Fortune 500

Over 95% of Fortune 500 companies use Azure

Local Data Centres

2 Microsoft Cloud Data Centres in South Africa

Azure Customers

There are 120 000 new Azure customer subscriptions per month.

Hybrid Cloud

82% of businesses currently use a hybrid cloud strategy

IT Spend

60% of IT spend will be on cloud-based infrastructure by 2020

Transform your business with Azure

Altron Karabina helps you to transform your business by seizing the value of the cloud using Microsoft Azure, it’s services and capabilities. We create a cloud strategy that makes business sense.

We have a robust Cloud Governance Framework that will guide you in adopting, governing and securing the cloud, whether this be in an application development scenario or the adoption of cloud infrastructure.

Why Microsoft Azure?


  • Microsoft invests more than $1 billion annually on cyber security research and development
  • Microsoft employs more than 3 500 security experts


  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Reserve infrastructure up-front and pay less
  • Reduced strain on internal IT resources


  • Elastic – not constrained by purchased hardware size, performance and storage
  • Faster deployments, upgrades and updates
  • The cloud is future ready, and more and more services are added daily


  • Microsoft Azure leads the industry in ISO certifications
  • Compliant to local and global data regulation (GDPR + POPI)


  • Disaster recovery and uptime is over 99%

Seamless migration to Azure

for a global manufacturing company

How can we help you?

Cloud Strategy and Roadmaps

Working with you and your business to decide on best way forward to put your cloud strategy in place.

Assessments and Cost Analysis

We provide you with a complete view of workloads that can be moved to the cloud. We also perform a cost analysis to fully understand your current spend and what future spend could be.

Cloud Migration

We assist organisations to migrate even the most complex workloads to the Azure cloud without any downtime, disruption of service or data loss. The key here is to migrate the current workloads in an automated fashion, with minimum human intervention.

Critical Workload Migration

Migrate critical and complex workloads and systems to the cloud in a cost effective and methodical way.

Cloud Managed Service

Our Cloud Management Portal turbo-charges single or multi-cloud environments.  With a unified cost, security, inventory, utilisation and automation solution, we to help you to ensure efficiency and security at scale – while saving money.

Cloud Governance Advisory

Our approach to cloud governance allows us to simplify complex topics and segment them into smaller units of actionable change. We change the topic from alignment to current IT governance requirements, to a realistic look at tangible risks created by cloud adoption. Those risks can generate policy and compliance statements and recurring processes, which augment existing IT Governance Policies.

Security and Compliance

Security is in everything we do. Getting cloud security right increases efficiency, productivity and agility in responding to an ever-changing landscape.

Modern Applications

By leveraging the power of the Microsoft Azure Cloud as well as best practices and principles, Altron Karabina can deliver modern applications that can be easily and cost-effectively built,  maintained and designed in a manner to allow for easy extensibility and scalability, ensuring they will be able to meet changing business needs and  requirements in the future.

Cloud Integration

Altron Karabina can assist our clients with system-to-system integrations by leveraging Microsoft Azure-based technologies. System integrations can be delivered in a cost-effective and timely manner. Based on technologies such as Azure Service Bus,  these integrations can scale quickly and easily based on demand. They can also be easily extended to include additional systems in the future.

Cloud Data Protection and Recovery

Using Disaster Recovery as a Service changes the economics of disaster recovery to be more cost effective.

Our methodology

  • 1


    Are you ready to move to the cloud?

    Let us help you with your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and predicted cloud performance.

  • 2

    Migration Plan

    What will you move and when?

    We will help create a migration plan based on your application dependencies.

  • 3


    Do you want to migrate with efficiency and less errors?

    We will assist with the cloud migration toolset to move your infrastructure to the cloud.

  • 4


    Are your applications working after the migration?

    We will validate all the migrated application connections.

  • 5


    Is your cloud environment right-sized?

    Let us do a continuous cloud health to maximise performance and cut costs.

It all starts with a Cloud Readiness Assessment

Learn more about this crucial step

Get in touch with our experts

  • We are a leading Microsoft Gold Partner in cloud platforms
  • All our consultants are Cloud Architects with extensive experience in Azure
  • We focus on best practice guidance to unlock cost savings, migration and security
  • We drive innovation that will help your business focus on what’s important

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