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With more than 80% penetration in the enterprise space (companies with 100+ users), Microsoft 365 is by far one of the most widely used platforms for many organisations to drive productivity and efficiency.

Having said that, the usage of the various elements of Microsoft 365 can be very low and many organisations are still only leveraging the basics like Exchange, Word, Excel and PowerPoint with low adoption across the other areas. Statistics have shown that with proper usage and adoption of these various areas across Microsoft 365, organisations can show an increase in efficiency and productivity of more than 20%.

At Altron Karabina, we understand that many organisations do not have the skillset or capacity to manage such a journey. It was with this mindset that we built our unique approach to managed services that allow organisations to take advantage of our many years of experience, top certified skills and capability as well as our innovative approach to driving digital transformation.

Common questions leaders find themselves asking

How do we reduce our operating costs?
How can we avoid security risks?
How can we improve productivity?
How do we reduce complexity in the environment?
What can we do to innovate with what we have?

Solve your problems with our Microsoft 365 Managed Services

Altron Karabina’s Managed Services offering for Microsoft 365 helps to answer the questions that keep you awake at night.

Our Managed Service complements our range of consulting services and provides our customers with the option of full end-to-end delivery and monitoring services.

We can assist organisations from strategy development to design, implementation, migration and management of ongoing operations related to the Microsoft 365 platform offerings.

Coupled with this, as both an Enterprise Agreement and Cloud Solution provider, we have dedicated licensing expertise that can help you to optimise and manage your complex licensing needs within the world of Microsoft.

Our 8 Pillars of Success for Microsoft 365 Managed Services

Whether you want to engage on one pillar or all, we off an end-to-end view and management of your environment.

1. Advisory Services

• Provide skills and capability across various Microsoft 365 disciplines
• Employ best practice
• Provide tried and tested use cases
• Thought leadership
• Technical assistance

2. Assessments

• Microsoft solution assessments
• Software Asset Management workshops
• X in a day workshops
• Profile mapping
• Digital advisory
• Business solutions mapping

3. Licensing

• License optimisation
• Commercial advisory (includes comparing bundles, contract types, license types etc)
• End user profiling
• Hybrid modelling (LSP/CSP)

4. Migration

• Best practice methodology
• Readiness/ health check
• AD synchronisation
• On-premise to cloud
• Microsoft 365 subset migration

5. Management

• Monitor and analyse
• Audit and maintain
• Backup and recovery
• Service improvement
• Cost optimisation
• Reporting and alerts

6. Security

• Identity and access management
• Threat intelligence
• End point protection
• Cloud app security
• Governance and compliance
• Remediation

7. Adoption

• Learning and development
• In-app training
• Targeted campaigns
• Just-in-time learning
• Usage analytics
• Learning vouchers

8. Support

• Continuous support and maintenance
• Escalation service manager
• SLA driven
• Service desk
• Platform health check

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