Financial Planning and Analysis

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Financial Planning and Analysis

We understand the key role that finance plays in managing increasing business risk, regulatory compliance, reducing costs and improving profit margins.

The key responsibilities placed on the finance team comes with many manual processes and the risk involved in managing complex corporate finance processes, places an increased strain on this critical team.

Our  financial planning and analysis team assists corporate to enterprise sized companies to deploy their financial management processes onto new technology solutions, that can alleviate errors,  reduce manual effort in spreadsheet processes, whilst embracing the ease and use of Microsoft Excel with full audit and control.

How can we help you?

Planning, Forecasting and Reporting

We help you to optimise and manage budgeting and planning spreadsheets, workbooks and models to reduce deployment costs and ensure high adoption rate. You can create dynamic, integrated reports for management and investors that are compliant and mobile friendly.


We provide powerful modeling applications that connects operations and finance.

Accelerate financial close

We can help you close your books faster through the automation of aggregation, collection and validation of data in your financial systems. With role based security, workflows, audits logs and trails and complex ownership situations.


We help to combine data from multiple financial entities, manage adjustments in order.


How an EPM system brings planning, budgeting and forecasting to the digital workplace

Meet your Financial Planning and Analysis Team

Get to know the senior people behind the Financial, Planning and Analysis team, supported by over 10 consultants
Devan Gounder

Devan Gounder

Competency Lead - Office of Finance

Paul Morgan

Paul Morgan

Business Unit Lead - Data, Planning and Analytics

Our Financial, Planning and Analysis Technology Partner