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Digital Workplace

By connecting your workforce, you can transform your company culture to one that is more agile and better equipped to innovate.

Today’s businesses’ need to be online and accessible, whichever way the customer wants to reach you and at whatever time. The same applies for your employees. To attract talent, be relevant in the market and enable your employees to be the best they can be, you need to start transforming your business from within.

You need to speed up the flow of information, accelerate your time to market, hire and use talent globally, enforce processes and best practice across the entire business, as well as reduce costs across your infrastructure, limit downtime and administration spent on technical issues.

We assist companies to enable employees through digital workplace solutions. From implementation to adoption of the solution, return on value can be seen almost immediately.

How can we help you?

Migration to Office 365

Altron Karabina will help you move your office environment from on-premise to the cloud. This includes your desktop operating system, office applications, email, file shares and messaging and collaboration tools. We have a robust methodology to assure that your move is successful.

Modern Collaboration

Modern collaboration includes many key disciplines, from the management of content, processes and workflows, to moving your email and documents into the cloud as well as creating compelling intranets and team collaboration sites. This needs to be done using modern applications and processes that are located in the cloud.

Broadcast Messaging

Many organisations use messaging platforms such as WhatsApp for critical business and customer collaboration. Altron Karabina believes that using Microsoft Kaizala allows for a secure, curated and enhanced platform for broadcast messaging and interaction to tens of thousands of recipients in a secure and robust manner. We have proven approaches and processes to help you get the most out of the Kaizala broadcast messaging platform.

Office 365 Managed Services

Adoption and management of the Office 365 environment can be complex and time consuming. It also requires access to skilled technical staff. Altron Karabina can manage the environment for you from providing licenses, to managing backups, security, user adoption, support and access to highly skilled talent.


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Methodology for Digital Workplace

  • 1

    Microsoft / Office 365 Advisory

    Identify the needs and migration approach required by the customer.

  • 2

    Cloud Solution Provider

    Drive the CSP licensing model – Move away from CAPEX to OPEX

  • 3


    Run assessment tools and workshops to identify the readiness of the organisation to move to Office 365

  • 4

    Make Ready

    Set up the Office 365 tenant and remove any road blocks that stop the customer from moving

  • 5


    Plan the migration and identify critical groups and workloads to move. Set up the users on the Office Tenant with the required security

  • 6


    Run the migration process for the identified workloads e.g. Exchange Online, SharePoint Online and OneDrive

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