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Data, Planning and Analytics

Data that is clean, managed and accessible, enables you to have a 360 degree view of your business. You can understand your customers better, identify your high-value employees, predict customer payment behaviour, optimise your operations, and make better and faster decisions. Altron Karabina ensures that your data assets are in the right shape to truly support your business.

Once you know where you’ve been, we can help you plan your future better too. With our optimised planning and modelling tools, you can start planning quicker  and more effectively.

Our analytics specialists can then assist you to consolidate your data assets with your planned data and visualise it so you can understand where you are falling short or succeeding, and what to do about it.

With talent and skills becoming scarcer, we can also assist in providing capacity resources in order to meet deadlines and upskill your employees.

All our projects are delivered in an agile manner so that you see the results and value quicker.

How can we help you?

Data as an Asset

Without a solid data platform for structured, unstructured and big data, IT cannot service the information needs of the business. The bedrock of Altron Karabina’s data practice is the ability to consolidate multiple disparate data sources into a high-quality, high-performance, secure data repository, based on Microsoft data solutions. From data lakes to master data management, we ensure your data assets are available to support your business decisions.

Analytics Everywhere with Power BI

Microsoft Power BI is now the undisputed leader in the data visualisation industry –clearly beating Tableau and Qlik according to Gartner and other analytics commentators. Altron Karabina offer the tools to drive your Power BI initiative to complete success – training and enablement, adoption acceleration programs, dashboard development frameworks and highly-experienced and certified resources to help with your capacity constraints. We are the Power BI company in South Africa.

Leverage your Data in Azure

Azure is here in South Africa, so if you’re ready to move your data assets to the cloud, we can help make the process painless. We can also ensure that your hybrid or multi-cloud data strategy is delivered in the most cost-effective, performance optimised way.

Financial Planning and Analysis

Budgeting and planning processes are generally inefficient, and many companies still email multiple Excel spreadsheets to budget owners. Altron Karabina will help you reduce the cycle time for these processes significantly so that your employees have more time available for analysis and course correction.

Robotic Process Automation

It’s the latest buzz in software, but you’ll need an experienced RPA partner to ensure that you choose the correct initial processes to optimise. We’ll help you get RPA right the first time, and ensure that your human employees can concentrate exclusively on value-adding activities.

Data Science

Everyone wants a competitive advantage that AI and data science can offer, but not many are sure where to begin. Altron Karabina will help you identify the right business questions, that can be effectively answered with machine learning.

Customer Analytics

Every organisation needs a better understanding of their customers to ensure sustainability. Altron Karabina can help with the following customer centric data roadmap.

Identify your Customer – with our Master Data and Data Quality capabilities.
Know your Customer – better with cohort segmentation and transactional analytics.
Grow your Customer – with Machine Learning based recommendation and market-basket analysis.
Retain your Customer – with early warning Machine Learning retention models.


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