*R42 million is the average cost of a data breach


*The average number of days to identify a data breach


**The % of data breaches involving small business


**The % of data breaches involving internal employees

Data Management

Data was referred to as the new oil for digital transformation, but in today’s world it does not seem like the right metaphor. Unrefined and in its rawest form, data cannot change your business. But once refined – stored correctly, protected, mined, and optimised – we like to refer to data as a new currency, and you could be sitting on a large pile of untapped wealth.

Every business needs to keep transactional records and use data from a wide variety of systems for analytics to identify business problems and drive performance. Without it, organisations open themselves to regulatory and business risks. Failing to recover from a backup, or not identifying data security issues, can break client and employee trust, and place a business at significant risk. And that is not something that anyone wants in this current crisis or during business as usual.

Companies need data management in order to run business operations, organise and track customers, inventory and employees. To ensure adequate query performance, keep up with paperless consumer demands, store distinct types of data as well as automate processes.

Having a properly managed data management system also ensures tight security in place to protect the organisations data from outside access. Your data will also be protected from disasters (such as system failure, ransomware attacks and so on) if disaster recovery and back up processes have been put in place.

Ensure your data environment is secure, compliant and accessible
Prepare the road map, architectural decisions, and your environment for the move
Ensure a well planned and executed set up of infrastructure and security, and movement of data

We can help you with:

SQL Data Estate Diagnostic

To help you understand your environment’s level of risk, we are offering a free diagnostic on your SQL data estate.


This diagnostic is designed to determine any high risk data recovery issues that need to be addresses with regards to your SQL Server data estate. We will be able to identify quickly where there may be failed backups, security breaches, and less than optimal configuration.


As a result of the diagnostic, we will report back on where these issues exist and what activities would be needed to fix and ensure ongoing risk reduction.


A secure and protected SQL environment helps to benchmark your readiness and is a crucial step toward cloud readiness. Following this we can also help with preparing for your move to the Azure data platform if required, and then the actual move itself.

Database Management & Administration Managed Service

Our highly experienced data team is here to help you to de-risk your environment and provide on-going value to your business. We provide the best talent, with around the clock support in order to maintain a healthy database, to reduce the workload of key employees, so they can focus on core projects and ensure your data is compliant and secure.

Altron Karabina offers a value for money monthly managed service to ensure your SQL data assets are securely protected and configured. We ensure minimum downtime, optimum server configuration and essential checks, such as backup and recovery confirmation.


The service covers three specific areas:

  • Core services – reactive management, including our of hours support if needed
  • Proactive server management – including automated processes, and expert advice on licence and server consolidation
  • Monthly reporting back on impact and value


Our pricing is based on the number of production server instances that you wish to protect and is customisable to fit your budget.

Preparing for your move to Azure

If you are investigating modernising your SQL data assets and are looking at moving some or all of them to Microsoft Azure Cloud, then it may not be cost-effective to simply ‘Lift and Shift’ your entire data estate. You need to prepare your technology environment for the move and ensure your expected Azure billing will be within acceptable limits, whilst providing superior performance. To fully enable you for your eventual move to Azure, Altron Karabina can advise on a roadmap and help deliver on necessary tasks in the following architectural decision areas:


  • Upgrading SQL Versions and consolidating servers
  • Azure Synapse versus Azure SQL DB versus Azure VM
  • Hybrid on-premise and cloud data architectures
  • Working with Azure Data Factory compared to SQL Integration Services
  • Moving from MDX OLAP Cubes to Tabular Models
  • Moving from Power BI On Premise to Power BI Service
  • Thinking about security and governance in the cloud
  • Preparing for Unstructured Data
  • Preparing for Artificial Intelligence
  • Technical training and workshops for your team


Altron Karabina are offering a free high-level workshop to discuss these areas, followed by an optional deep-dive road map exercise. We can then provide execution assistance in a variety of ways, from fully outsourced projects to capacity augmentation. Speak to us about your plans and your budget.

Ready to move to Azure

If you are ready to move your transactional and analytical SQL data assets to Azure now, Altron Karabina can help you make that move.


  • Setting up Azure infrastructure and security layers
  • Physical movement of data to Azure Synapse, SQL DB and VM targets
  • Assistance with modification and comprehensive testing of all affected data pipelines, reports and downstream systems


Moving to Azure needn’t be a leap of faith – Altron Karabina can ensure it is a well-planned and executed project that immediately starts delivering on the expected benefits. This exercise is generally run as a partnership project with your IT team.


Identify data assets at risk with our free SQL data estate diagnostic

Glossary of Terms

Not sure what everything means?

Term Description
DBA Database Administrator. A computer systems administrator who maintains a successful database environment by directing or performing all related activities to keep data secure.
Data Management Is a practice of acquiring, collecting, keeping, protecting and processing data to ensure data is accessible and reliable to its users.
SQL Server SQL Server is a relational database management system developed by Microsoft. As a database server, it is a software product with the primary function of storing and retrieving data as requested by other software applications—which may run either on the same computer or on another computer across a network
Microsoft Azure An ever expanding set of cloud services to help organisations to achieve their business goals. You can build, test, manage and deploy applications and services through Microsoft managed data centres

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