Smile 90.4 FM Discussion with Ryan Jameson

Smile 90.4 FM Discussion with Ryan Jameson

Smile 90.4 FM is a commercial radio station, broadcasting from Cape Town, using the frequency 90.4 FM. On 22 October 2020, at 20h45 Ryan Jamieson, Solutions Lead at Altron Karabina, was interviewed by Benito Vergotine, who hosts the late night talk show ‘The Honest Truth’ which is on air Monday to Thursday between 8pm and 10pm.

In the interview, Ryan unpacks why the long term economic growth and grassroots innovation is important in ensuring the acceleration of digital transformation across our classrooms.

Now, as both the public and private sectors in South Africa look to adapt and adjust in line with the radical changes brought about by the pandemic and national lockdown, Ryan speaks about why it is valuable to reflect on the digital initiatives mentioned by government earlier in  the year.

In his interview with Smile 90.4 FM, Ryan also shares why it is important for both the public and private sectors to take proactive steps to ensure that business leaders and policy-makers remain firmly on course to drive economic growth through strategic digitisation.

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