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We are able to engage in various ways with our customers,
working the way they want to work – whether project based,
consulting, advisory and roadmaps, managed services and more.


Embarking on a Digital Transformation journey can be intimidating. Altron Karabina has many years of experience in guiding companies on this journey. We have skilled digital advisors that cover industry, technology and data subject areas, to give the best possible advice and practical methods of engagement.


Cloud Migration

Migration to the cloud is on everyone’s lips. The challenge is that there are different forms of the cloud, with different requirements.

Altron Karabina can assess your environment, plan your migration and migrate your workloads for Cloud Infrastructure, Cloud Productivity, ERP, Data and Analytics and CRM requirements aligned to Microsoft Azure, Office 365 and Dynamics 365.


Access to senior, skilled individuals is a constant challenge for organisations. Getting the right person or team for the job can be an issue.

Over the last 18 years, Altron Karabina has built consulting seniority and scale in Data Management, Analytics, Productivity, ERP, CRM, Application Development and Infrastructure.



Ensuring you are purchasing the right licenses to enable your business strategy can be a very daunting task due to the complexity of licensing models. Licensing models are evolving with the move to the cloud and we as Altron Karabina are here to ensure your transition from a licensing perspective is done optimally. We can help guide you through license analysis, commercial advisory, deal negotiations and procurement as well as ensuring you extract maximum value from your investments.

Managed Services

Running your infrastructure and solutions can be a challenge. Retaining skills, making sure your skills are relevant, and keeping up-to-date with technology changes add to the complexity. Altron Karabina has the capability to manage your Cloud environment for you with the breadth and depth of skill required at service levels that will bring you peace of mind.

Project Management

Companies need to build technology-centric solutions within a specified timeframe and budget. To do this, companies need to run these initiatives as projects.

Altron Karabina has invested in technology Project Management skills to be able to either provide these skills directly to our customers or run defined projects with our skilled teams under the leadership of a project management team.

Software Asset Management

Are you struggling to get a view of what Microsoft software you have installed in your environment?

Altron Karabina can help you get a clear understanding of your Microsoft software position and make recommendations to ensure cost optimisation, while enabling you with critical information to plan your migrations to the cloud. Let us help ensure you are optimally licensed for current and future state and drive compliance within your environment.


Support Services

Altron Karabina has a dedicated and skilled team to assist with any post project/implementation support.  We pride ourselves in making your unplanned headaches our problem and deliver top quality after-project support to our customers.


At Altron Karabina, we offer various types of training to suit our customers. This can be generic classroom training, hosted at our offices, or training that is customised to your business, on-site, based on your current needs.

We deliver training that covers best practice and design, to hands-on user training, so that adoption happens quickly and effectively. We train and teach the adoption and use of technology so that your investment does not go wasted.


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