Seamless migration to the Azure cloud for global manufacturing company

Seamless migration to the cloud for global manufacturing company


A global manufacturing company (the customer) had been running a large footprint on virtual machines (VMs) and services in multiple Azure landing zones.

The company sought out a Microsoft partner to help them with their move to cloud.  Altron Karabina partnered with the customer and our Cloud Infrastructure team assisted the company in cleaning up their Azure environment and optimising their VMs – from security to best practices and cost optimisation.


The idea of refactoring a landing zone is straightforward, but execution requires proper guardrails. Solving the challenges that the customer experienced involved an end-to-end service delivery from the cloud infrastructure competency.

Our experts were able to provide correct expertise to guide them with their migration to the cloud to navigate common obstacles/challenges faced, such as:

  • Bill shock
  • Non-compliance
  • Latency issues
  • Lack of consistency in resource naming, scaling and role-based access control
  • Spending more and more time on deploying and managing resources as opposed to development and innovation

Altron Karabina utilised Microsoft’s best practice methodologies for the cloud adoption framework to mitigate the above-mentioned risks.


Altron Karabina’s focus on delivery and using highly competent cloud architects to assist the customers team has aided the customer to realise significant monthly savings in their global production and non-production landing zones, including:

  • Savings

By optimising their operations, the customer reaped the savings of $15k per month

  • Performance

Optimised storage and reduced the number of VMs from 139 to 43

  • Security

Aligned the security to conform to Center for Internet Security (CIS) frameworks

Enhanced security by identifying security gaps using Azure Security Center

  • Best Practice Alignment

Re-aligned the global production and non-production landing zones to the Microsoft Azure Well-Architected Framework.

This seamless migration was done with zero downtime and happened during normal business hours as well as after hours without affecting business operations.


Looking to the Future – Expanding to other operations

The customer’s focus is now to move all current on premises datacentres into Azure. As this is a global corporation, Altron Karabina’s next step is to align their operations in other countries to their newly architected cloud environment that is both optimised and enables cost savings.


A seamless migration can save your business a lot of time and stress. Contact us to find out how we can migrate your data to the cloud and optimise your business.

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