Enable remote working with Microsoft Teams

Remote working on Microsoft Teams

PowerFM interviews Basha Pillay on enabling remote working with Microsoft Teams


As a result of the global outbreak of the Coronavirus, Microsoft has announced that they are offering Teams for free for the next six months. Basha Pillay speaks on how organisations in South Africa can, should the need arise, can enable remote working for their employees using Microsoft Teams.

Basha is the Business Unit Lead for Modern Platform at Altron Karabina. He has been operating in the technology sector for well over 23 years. Over the last 8 years, he has been involved in businesses that are very focused on next generation technologies, these include, but are not limited to cloud, mobility, digital workforce, co-innovation, big data and analytics.

PowerFM interviews Basha Pillay on the following:

  • How prepared are South African organisations in terms of enabling their employees to work remotely?
  • Is it a cause of concern if companies are not yet ready to have their employees work remotely?
  • What is Microsoft Teams and what is Altron Karabina offering?
  • Licences for educational institutions
  • Availability of training for using Teams
  • And more

Contact us today for more information on the free Microsoft Teams licences and how to enable your workforce to work remotely. 

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