Reduction of spend with cloud migration at a clothing distribution company

Reduction of spend with cloud migration for clothing distribution company


Our customer, a clothing distribution company was running an on-premises data centre with hardware that was old and reaching its “end of life”. Generally speaking, hardware should last between three to five years before it needs replacement. If it is used beyond the standard update cycles, it can result in some major and costly problems for the IT team and the company.

Due to aging hardware, the customer had numerous unplanned outages which had an impact on the organisations bottom line and ability to conduct business operations efficiently.

They realised how essential a cloud-based backup and storage solution was for the business and reduction of spend. They engaged Altron Karabina to assist in their Azure migration, as well as to optimise their virtual machines (VMs) in order to enhance the organisations security with cloud services.


Altron Karabina’s focus for the customer was to deliver an infrastructure optimisation assessment to determine the best possible way forward for the customer.

  • Assessment

The assessment led the customer to understand the cost of their new Cloud Data Center. The total cost of ownership (TCO) and business case made sense to move from CAPEX to OPEX.

  • Well Architected

Our Cloud Architects implemented the target infrastructure in a structured approach that is secure and efficient.

  • Future Proof

Altron Karabina designed and planned the target architecture to be robust, scalable, and cost efficient for the customer.

  • Security Focus

Re-aligned the security focus to be well managed and using the best of breed Azure Security Technologies.


The Altron Karabina Cloud Infrastructure team was able to move all the customers current infrastructure to the Azure Cloud without any data loss or downtime and were able to achieve the following:

  • Reduced their CAPEX and OPEX spend by using the Microsoft Azure platform as well as relying on a fully Cloud Managed SLA with Altron Karabina.
  • Well small a architected Azure Landing Zone that focuses on performance and security.
  • A scalable technology through Microsoft Azure Cloud services that is within budget and aligned for functionality and security.
  • Reduced administration overhead with regards to maintaining an on-premises data centre.

This engagement was done seamlessly with zero downtime for the customer. The work took place during normal business hours as well as after hours, without affecting business operations.

Speak to one of our experts to find out how we can seamlessly migrate your business data to the cloud which can have reduction of spend benefits.

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