For most people, a mention of “ABC’s” at any point in time would transport one straight back to the early days of pre- and primary school, where you are taught the basics of a language – the formal way forward for a greater comprehension and education. More recently, I have also heard “ABC” used as a colloquialism where wine connoisseurs translate it simply as “anything but …chardonnay” for their own wine preferences.

In today’s data-driven world, the ABC that may come to people’s minds is “anything but cloud”. With more and more business and IT leaders opting to migrate to the cloud, the question begs to answer: “What are the rest waiting for?”

Until now, the overall decision to transform may often have been stopped dead because of the driving concerns around data security.  With data being one of the most valuable assets any business has, it is no wonder that many share a perception that they would be relinquishing total control, especially when the data centres available were situated out of country.  Even if customers recognised the advantages of taking their business applications and moving them off-premise and having them hosted elsewhere …. in the cloud – bottom line is that there was still trepidation around the location and protection of their data.

That is why it is particularly exciting that early in 2019, Microsoft is going to be launching their local Data Centres in Johannesburg and Cape Town. What does this mean for your organisation? The removal of any concerns around data control.

If you were previously distrustful of moving your data and hosting it offshore, you will now be able to take advantage of all the benefits of Microsoft Cloud and Azure but have the comfort and security that your data stays in the country. Microsoft Cloud technologies that will be made available through the local data centres will be Office 365, Dynamics 365 and Azure. And good news is that with your move to Azure, you end up paying only for what you use, it is easy to scale up and down as you grow, plus it is flexible and trustworthy. Finally, you can be assured that Azure is backed by Microsoft’s industry-leading privacy policies, compliance programs and security measures.

Opting to move to the cloud is just the first step that leads to more questions – Which cloud platform is best? Which partner solution provider should I choose? And finally, what exactly should I be moving to the cloud?

With this imminent opportunity, it makes sense to start planning your move to Azure before the local data centres launch and determine on your terms how it can deliver the most benefit to you now. Then you will be ready to begin the transformation to the Microsoft Azure Cloud. If you would like to take a more conservative view and do it bit by bit, experimenting with some elements and adopt a hybrid strategy, you ultimately have that freedom of choice.

A renowned Data Partner like Altron Karabina, whose expertise originates around data solutions, can help with an assessment and easily guide and advise you – initiating your move to a modern data platform. Plus, with a cloud emphasis, 18 years of solid experience leveraging superior Microsoft technology and applying best practice to deliver the best possible solutions for each customer, we can take you on the modernisation journey. No matter what the approach, Altron Karabina will ensure your focus remains on managing and growing your business and not being constantly apprehensive about your data.

Now your “ABC” conversation should be around leveraging “Azure, best for Cloud”.

If you are considering your move to the cloud and don’t know where to start, speak to us today for expert guidance on your journey to Microsoft Azure.


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