Microsoft technology platform provides scale and cost savings for Letsema

Microsoft technology platform provides scale and cost savings for Letsema

Letsema is a professional services firm at the heart of a diversified investment company. They have over two decades of industry experience and use business as a catalyst for positive social change. Letsema has 3 distinct areas of business – Consulting, Investments and their Foundation.

In 2017, Letsema took a decision to transform into a conglomerate-type business and effectively consolidate their three distinctive businesses. They needed to build an underlying infrastructure that could support the different entities operating across a broad set of industries and initiatives. They required a Microsoft technology backbone that was robust and which could scale, as to manage any potential future investments as well as current needs.


Letsema sought the most suitable and robust systems to accommodate the forecasted growth needs of the business. This included migrating to the cloud, a clear and obvious business choice. Each individual business possessed its own ERP, with the aim being to standardise the ERP as well as select their preferred overall Microsoft technology platform.

By selecting the Microsoft stack, Letsema could leverage the  software they had already invested in, ensure their data and IP was protected to the maximum level of security and be able to build in the ERP, using Dynamics 365 as the foundation for managing the buinesses. Letsema’s team was small, and was responsible for managing the chosen solution, hence the importance of selecting the appropriate Microsoft Dynamics 365 partner with a great reputation, extensive skills, and expertise.


After looking at various technology platforms, Letsema believed the Microsoft platform offered the best value proposition. Dynamics 365 licensing was flexible and could grow with the company, it was competitively priced and they could standardise across the company.

Letsema chose Altron Karabina as their implementation partner.  Altron Karabina worked to understand Letsema’s needs and requirements thoroughly, and presented a solution and roadmap for Letsema to work towards.

With Altron Karabina having strong data and analytics skills, they were also able to showcase Microsoft Power BI, how this product integrated with Dynamics 365 and how it could be used for improved decision making going forward.

Altron Karabina also provided a Support Agreement. Letsema could leverage a set number of support hours per month, which includes sufficient time to regularly upskill resources on focused technical areas, and help build their own competencies within the business. This arrangement has proven to be tremendously helpful.

“The D365 Project with Altron Karabina was a massively valuable endeavour. The strategic decision was strong and the value of the D365 implementation is showing. It has been a great Partnership and we have appreciated everyone’s efforts and involvement.”


Katlego Tlale – Chief Financial Officer


The deadline to implement Dynamics 365 was relatively short. Altron Karabina managed to deliver within the agreed time period and go live successfully.

Due to moving to the cloud based software, Letsema were able to decommision all on-premises hardware. This enabled them to effortlessly expand when required. They are able to assess businesses globally and easily transact, add companies to the system, execute quick turnaround times and adjust where necessary without it being expensive or time consuming.  They have found the technology to be dependable and reliable.

Letsema invested in the project upfront, and today only incur licensing costs on a month-to-month basis, which can be scaled up or down as required.

The Support Contract allows Letsema to leverage a set number of support hours a month, and has been extermely helpful in the upskilling of employees and adoption of the technology. Within the Consulting business, Letsema now enjoys solid process automation and a ‘lab effect’ where staff can test products within the environment. This has proven invaluable.

The platform has given Letsema exceptional value and offers them the ability to extend it to the next level. This could not have been achieved without Letsema’s partnership with Altron Karabina.

The ongoing commitment that Letsema have felt from everyone in the Altron Karabina team has set a new precedent. Letsema will continue to rely on the technical knowledge of Altron Karabina to identify gaps in their skillset, to obtain advice and to ensure they are always top of their game.

Going forward, Altron Karabina will be working on a Robotic Process Automation project and applying machine learning methods.

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