Microsoft Teams Adoption and Change Management Offer

Microsoft Teams Adoption and Change Management Offer

As more companies and employees adapt to remote working, more companies are seeking out robust solutions to help their employees to connect, collaborate and communicate with their teams.

Microsoft Teams is one solution, and over the last couple of months it has seen a massive 70 percent increase in usage. Daily users are being reported at over 75 million. With seamless integration to other Microsoft software and top notch security, it isn’t a surprise that it leaped miles ahead of other collaboration tools.

As with any new technology though – the key for it to make an impact within your organisation is the user adoption and training. If employees do not know how to use it or the functionality available to them, they become frustrated and fall back to tried and tested methods they understand. This can make it seem like your investment in the technology was a waste of money. By implementing some training sessions and having Product Champions, you can soon to start to increase adoption and show real value.

Within our company, we started off ensuring that our leadership team used Teams for all their exco / manco meetings. All board reports were saved within Team sites as well as dashboards, decks and so on. As leadership started collaborating across their departments and team members, because they had experienced Teams – they made their meetings on Teams, they asked for documents to be available in Teams, they opened a chat within Teams to get quick answers.

In order to help you and your company to adopt Microsoft Teams, we have put together a special package that will take away some of the cost of user adoption and change management, and drive uptake and ROI.

Microsoft Teams Adoption and Change Management Offer

Altron Karabina is assisting companies with a Microsoft Teams adoption and change management offer. For companies who have not made the move to Microsoft Teams, Microsoft earlier this year announced that they were making Teams licenses free for the first 6 months within a company (excluding companies who already have licensing).

Over and above this, Altron Karabina is offering the following, for a once off implementation cost:

  • 6 month free Microsoft Teams Adoption and Training
  • 2 months free full access Teams Governance and Compliance
  • Packaged PowerApps
    • 1 x pre-built Crisis Management Solution
    • Employee Recognition solution called ThumbsApp

If you are interested in hearing more about the offer and chatting to one of our Digital Workplace consultants – please complete the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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