Microsoft Reimagine Tomorrow Virtual Summit

Microsoft Reimagine Tomorrow Virtual Summit

In these unprecedented times, businesses of all sizes and industries will need to adjust to disruption and change, and the coming months will be pivotal for many.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a dramatic impact on how we live and work. Much has changed, and many things may never be the same. But one constant is the power of technology to help people and organisations adapt, reinvent and transform. Technology will be a key ally in re-booting enterprise.


Register for the Microsoft Reimagine Tomorrow virtual summit, where you can explore the art of the possible for you and your business and start to move forward.

Date: 7 & 8 July 2020
Time: 9:00 – 11:00
Venue: On24


Day one – Reimagine your role

  • HR – Learn about how COVID-19 has shaped tomorrow and how HR will change and evolve.
  • CIO – Face the future confidently by adapting and building resilience post COVID-19 – Insights from a Financial Services IT Executive.
  • CISO – Learn the rising importance of operational resilience in the security community.
  • CFO – Reimagine finance and harness the CFO toolkit post Covid-19.
  • CMO – Learn about more about revenue marketing in the new world, how to create clarity and opportunity in a time of uncertainty and how to make marketing more human with AI.


Day two – Reimagine your industry

  • Retail – Streamlining the Machine Learning Development Life Cycle for a robust COVID-19 response in the Retail Industry.
  • Financial Services – Reimagine how the FSI Industry will look post Covid-19
  • Energy, Mining and Manufacturing – Get overview and fireside chat on how businesses should recover and accelerate.
  • Telecommunications – Learn how to modernize the telecommunications workspace and reimagine how telecoms can rise from the ashes of Covid-19 in Africa
  • Education – Reimagine how the Education industry will look during and post Covid-19


at the Microsoft Reimagine Tomorrow Virtual Summit

For more information on how Microsoft solutions can help you to reimagine your role and industry, get in touch with us.

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