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Modern Microsoft Licensing

Altron Karabina are the partner of choice to turn potential into action by redefining the Microsoft Licensing Partner landscape.

We are focused on maximising the return on your Microsoft investments to improve your current position. Faced with infinite possibilities, we will enable you to connect what is, with what could be.

We are your trusted advisor through our unique approach and engagements within the Microsoft realm.

Apart from being a Microsoft Licensing Partner, we also provide customers with solutions across Azure, Dynamics 365 and Microsoft 365. We have a deep understanding of all Microsoft technology, and can help plan, assess, deploy and manage your solutions, whilst also making sure you are getting the most value from your licensing investments.

Making sure you get most value from your Microsoft Licensing


Assessments to identify your current state and readiness to migrate to the cloud


Advisory on all licensing models based on your business readiness and strategy


User profiling to ensure users are enabled with the correct technology for their roles


Cost modelling across all licensing contracts and models to ensure cost effective procurement


Continuous engagement to ensure a maximum return on your licensing investment


Cost optimisation across your licensing estate through visibility and adoption

We can help with all Microsoft licensing, including:

Cloud Solution Provider (CSP)

We provide value to our customers with licensing as well as billing flexibility, support and advice. You buy directly through us, in a “pay as you go” scenario, instead of through Microsoft.


Enterprise Agreements (EA)

The EA agreement is designed for larger organisations with more than 500 users / devices. You pay an annual payment that is fixed for a 3-year term.


Microsoft Products and Services Agreement (MPSA)

This agreement is a transactional licensing agreement for commercial, government and academic organisations that have 250 or more users or devices.

Microsoft Open and Open Value

Small to mid-sized organisations can acquire the latest Microsoft technology with Open Licensing programmes in a way that is simple and cost effective.


Microsoft offers a variety of agreements to help businesses of all sizes manage how they purchase software licenses.

Glossary of Terms

Not sure what everything means?

Term Description
CSP Cloud Solution Provider programme from Microsoft. The CSP allows us to sell Microsoft cloud services to our customers. Through this programme we can add value to customers by giving  a better cloud experience with support, advice and billing flexibility.
LSP Licensing Solution Provider. As an LSP, we can sell volume licensing through Microsoft. On the customer side, this is typically known as an Enterprise Agreement (EA)
EA An Enterprise Agreement is typically for organisations larger than 500 users. The customer signs a three year agreement and is billed upfront annually.

Speak to our experts

Altron Karabina’s certified experts are dedicated to the Microsoft technology platform. Our expertise ranges from consulting services to deployment and managed services, including licensing and asset management offerings.

Get in touch with us today to maximise on your Microsoft Licensing requirements.

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