Microsoft ERP Analytics to drive Decision Making

Business Analytics is used to gain insights that inform business decisions and can be used to automate and optimise business processes. It is also used by companies committed to data-driven decision-making. The benefits of using analytics are plentiful. Analytics allows you to get more control over your business, massively increase profitability and chart new courses in an increasingly complex future.

If you are using a Microsoft ERP you are in a very fortunate position of being able to use Jet Reports. This is a business analytics tool built for Microsoft Dynamics ERP’s – Great Plains, Navision and AX.

What is Jet Reports?
Based in Portland, Oregon, Jet Reports was founded in 2002 and since then, have expanded to having offices in 14 regions, across 24 time zones, servicing over 11300 happy customers, within 94 different countries. Jet Reports is dedicated to building and delivering the best reporting and analytics solutions available in the marketplace today. They are also devoted to providing unparalleled access to data through fast and flexible solutions that are cost effective, provide rapid time-to-value, and are built specifically for the needs of Microsoft Dynamics ERP – GP, NAV and AX users.

Microsoft ERP Analytics: Standard Features
The list is extensive, so below we have just included some of the key features that certainly stand out:

• Real-Time Reporting – directly from your database instead of copying and pasting
• Financial Reporting – balance and budget data from any GL account
• Pre-built Dashboards and Reports – instant success with pre-built dashboards and reports
• Multi-Company Consolidation – merge data from separate companies in a single report
• Mobile and Web – access your reports and/or dashboards from any device
• Multi-Database Reporting – access and consolidate data from multiple business databases
• Schedule and Automate Reports – save time by automating your report distribution
• Report Management – sharing, version control, report permissions and search capabilities
• Free-Form Formatting and Design – layout reports as needed with dynamic Excel formula
• Faster Report Building – a permanent clipboard to save Excel and report logic you repetitively use
• Business Dashboards – quickly see trends, discover relations and identify issues
• Instant BI and KPIs – pre-defined cubes for Sales, Finance, Inventory, Purchasing, AP and AR
• Quick BI Customisation – drag-and-Drop customisation of data warehouse and cubes
• Advanced Security – additional layer of control over who sees your data

Karabina represent Jet Reports in Africa. If you are looking to improve and simplify access to critical information from your ERP system in order to make decisions, contact us today.

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