Karabina’s Microsoft Azure Data Solutions

Microsoft announced earlier this year that two new Microsoft Azure data centres will be launching in South Africa in 2018. This is a benefit to all South African and African companies who are concerned about data sovereignty and the POPI Act. Companies that were previously wary of moving data and hosting it offshore, will be able to get all the benefits of Microsoft Cloud and Azure, with their data staying in country or within the continent. The Microsoft Cloud technologies that will be made available through the local data centres will be Office 365, Dynamics 365 and Azure.

This short video explains some of our offerings and solutions in the Microsoft Cloud, Azure and data space.

Whilst we wait for the launch dates and the opening of the data centres, Karabina can help your company start the move to a modern data platform. We can launch you into the cutting edge of machine learning technology or simply help you kick start your analytics initiatives. Whichever road you want to travel, Karabina will ensure your focus is on making business decisions, and not constantly worrying about managing data.

We offer a variety of solutions utilising the Microsoft Azure platform combined with over 17 years of experience in data management and data analytics.

Contact us to have a discussion about your Cloud or data requirements. You can also look here for more information on some of our Azure data solutions.

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