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by Design

Altron Karabina’s Software Services unique value proposition is “Different by Design”. 

How we deliver this is based on:

  • outcome focused client value

  • transformative leadership

  • operational excellence

We have placed focus on three key areas that place you, the customer at the centre:

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1. Advisory first, then sales

Our licensing advisors will work with you to:

  • Fully understand your business strategy
  • Look at what technology solutions and licenses are needed to enable that strategy
  • How you can procure this technology in the most optimal and cost-effective manner

You may benefit from an Enterprise Agreement (EA), or a Cloud Service Provider (CSP) agreement for particular components.

This ensures that you save costs by not buying technology that you don’t need, or don’t need as yet.

2. The Altron License Management Framework

This framework comprises a set of activities that we run with you on a quarterly basis, throughout your contract term.

These regular engagements help to simplify licensing complexity and are designed around optimising and extracting value through the lifecycle of your contract.

We provide you with a personally customised service level agreement (SLA) so that you can hold us accountable for what we said we are going to deliver.

3. Bringing you our strength in consultancy expertise

Conversations with our experts will ensure that you make full use of your Microsoft investments to help your organisation to achieve its business objectives.

Our deep understanding of the different products, versions and entitlements within the Microsoft licensing component means that we can ensure that you get the full value out of your licenses when implementing your project.

The benefits are amplified when you choose Altron Karabina as both your licensing partner and project partner.

The close working relationship between our licensing and consulting teams allows us to optimise your investment in Microsoft software over its entire lifecycle so that:

  • We know what licenses are required
  • How many of them are needed
  • When is the right time to procure them
  • When to deploy the licenses.

Art of the possible

View our Value Proposition and help your organisation to maximise on your Microsoft licensing investments.

Glossary of Terms

Not sure what everything means?

Term Description
CSP Cloud Solution Provider programme from Microsoft. The CSP allows us to sell Microsoft cloud services to our customers. Through this programme we can add value to customers by giving  a better cloud experience with support, advice and billing flexibility.
LSP Licensing Solution Provider. As an LSP, we can sell volume licensing through Microsoft. On the customer side, this is typically known as an Enterprise Agreement (EA)
EA An Enterprise Agreement is typically for organisations larger than 500 users. The customer signs a three year agreement and is billed upfront annually.

Speak to our experts

Altron Karabina’s certified experts are dedicated to the Microsoft technology platform. Our expertise ranges from consulting services to deployment and managed services, including licensing and asset management offerings.

Get in touch with us today to maximise on your Microsoft Licensing requirements.

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