Case Study: Famous Brands improves operational confidence with master data management

Increased operational confidence with master data management


Famous Brands was using Sage X3, where all their transactional data is stored. Although they had also obtained Microsoft SQL Server Master Data Services (MDS), they were not able to utilise it well enough to pull data or certain entities out of Sage X3. Without a master data management (MDM) solution, there was a lot of manual work that had to be done and Famous Brands found they could not clean up the data, nor could they access it easily. Maintaining their master data was a largely manual and cumbersome exercise, with corrections made directly on Sage X3. These legacy data quality issues and incorrect customer and product records often impacted operational efficiency, operational confidence and customer-facing processes.

Famous Brands needed a solution to manage a lot of fields of information. They required integration between Sage X3 and MDS, a simple way to extract the data, and the ability to report on their customer, product or supplier entities.


Altron Karabina conducted an initial review of the key master data domains, assessing the data estate in relation to the people, process and technology across the value chain. The data profiling and business logic assessed provided insight into data quality issues across the various domains and offered input into the required infrastructure and design of the MDS solution, and the integration constraints with X3.

We offered Famous Brands a master data management solution, that ingested the relevant customer, supplier and product data from Sage X3.

We created processes to extract the data into MDS on a regular basis, convert the Sage X3 XML data to SQL, clean it up and then send everything back to Sage X3. The records were updated in real time in Sage X3 and the business user did not have to be technically minded.

This process made it easy for the Master Data Manager to add different attributes, make small modifications and additions, or add relevant business logic to make the validation of data quality rules easier.

With Power BI, we provided Famous Brands a useful MDM Dashboard, visualising an overview of the records and the rules that are used, much like a Home Page, as well as an overview of the records that were in violation of data quality rules. Altron Karabina ensured that all relevant MDM entities were exposed via easy-to-use subscription views, for consumption by anyone that needs to use the data.


The new MDM system developed and implemented by the team from Altron Karabina is already proving to save us many hours in identifying and correcting data errors. The system was specifically built and adapted around our unique requirements and is a huge improvement on the way that we correct large amounts of data. We can now correct our data much more quickly and effortlessly.
Thanks Altron Karabina, I’m very happy!”


Frans van Blommestein – Master Data Manager



After implementation of the MDM project, Famous Brands has a better picture of their data quality. They enjoy greater visibility into data errors, the causes of these errors and ways to correct and prevent them.

There is no longer a need to make changes or additions, record by record. The monthly time spent manually correcting master data has been replaced with scheduled and automated business logic and integrated X3 record updates – allowing for the quick and easy identification of data quality issues, source data can be updated centrally and in bulk.

The MDM solution is quick, easy to use and has created efficiency for the business and provides a better solution overall. With improved data consistency and integrity, they can confidently execute on processes and operations.

Famous Brands looks forward to engaging in a next Phase, to explore further improvements and enhancements, to ensure they are getting the most out of MDS.


I am happy with the delivery from the Altron Karabina team.”


Levan Nagiah – Business Analyst – ERP


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