Grants Management

Altron Grant Management provides a framework that:

  • Covers the Grant Management value chain from Application to Final Disbursement, Closure and Reporting.
  • Is adaptable to the process nuances of diverse Grants and Funding Assistance institutions.
  • Includes Monitoring and Evaluation capability once a Grant request has been approved.
  • Allows for offline and online data capture.
  • Provides extensive measurement and reporting capability.
  • Is immediately extensible to include the Donor Management process.

Altron Grants Management Modules


The Requests module provides for the capture of Grant and Funding application requests. A request typically includes personal registration and onboarding, submission of financial details, and selection of the particular Grant or Funding that is being applied for. All supporting documentation can be attached to the request. A request is the input to the Assessment and Approval module

Assessment and Approval

The Assessment and Approval module allow for a panel of reviewers to be appointed; for a funding request to be assessed and recommendations to be made; and where applicable for an award to be made – or for a request to be either rejected or placed in a Pending state. Whichever of these results is relevant, communication to all relevant stakeholders is generated. An award record is an input into the Disbursement module.


Once an award has been made and the necessary documentation has been completed by all stakeholders, the disbursement process is initiated. Typically awards include multiple disbursements over a period of time. The Disbursement module includes a timeline of all disbursements when they need to be activated, and a notification capability to proactively notify all stakeholders of upcoming disbursements to be made.


The Monitoring module is used to capture all necessary feedback, details pertaining to required actions, and required documentation as well as any other prerequisites required – before the next disbursement is made.


The Evaluation module qualifies and quantifies the results of all Monitoring activities to determine next steps and outcomes against defined measurable milestones.

Dashboard and Reporting

Through a combination of data collection, analytics and survey response tools, dashboards with drill-down reporting capabilities keep all stakeholders in the Grants Management process up to date on an ongoing basis.

Altron Grants Management is built on a combination of Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 Non-Profit Accelerator and the Microsoft Power Platform.

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Altron Grants Management

The right software for Public Sector and Private Sector entities involved in managing requests for Grants and/or Financial assistance.

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