Expanding horizons for Altron Karabina

Following its acquisition by Altron this year, the arrival of new Microsoft Azure data centres in-country is set to underpin further growth and innovation for Altron Karabina

Microsoft System’s Integrator, Karabina, formed in 2001, was part of the iSPartners group of companies until its acquisition by the Altron Group in September 2018. The acquisition gave Altron a broader capability of Microsoft business offerings as part of the group’s strategy to provide end to end technology solutions and services and leading cloud computing and data analytics platforms. For Karabina, it heralded the beginning of an exciting new age of expansion and innovation.

Dave Ives, Chief Customer Officer at Altron Karabina, says: “With Altron, we now have the opportunity to scale both beyond our core solutions and into new markets across Africa and internationally. Altron has a legacy of delivering innovation to market, and as a top partner for the Microsoft platform, Altron Karabina can now leverage Altron Group resources to offer more services and solutions to customers across the full stack. We will be able to grow to the next level, connecting customers with the ever expanding Microsoft innovation in a more integrated way.” Together with the Altron Group, Altron Karabina aims to expand the Microsoft offerings into the identified growth areas of IoT, Security, Cloud and Data and Analytics platforms. The Altron group already has a number of successful business that are executing on the growth areas, and Altron Karabina are looking forward to expanding with Altron and the support of Microsoft.

As a key Microsoft Gold partner working across the three Microsoft clouds – Azure, Dynamics 365 and Office 365 – Altron Karabina is already experiencing a new wave of growth as South African companies step up their digital transformation efforts.  “Microsoft is on an exceptional growth path – its  growth in the cloud services market and a host of new applications and services, means all partners have had to step up with new services and new skills to help customers unlock the value,” says Ives.

The arrival of two new Microsoft Azure data centres in South Africa is set to be another milestone in Altron Karabina’s 17-year history. These new data centres are expected to overcome local concerns  about data sovereignty and compliance with the POPI Act when hosting data offshore. With the launch,  fast-track offerings help customers move to modern, secure and scalable cloud platform. On the back of its acquisition and the arrival of new Azure Data Centre capabilities, Altron Karabina is gearing up for a busy year of growth and expansion ahead.

With the local market facing economic challenges, Ives says transformation will be a key focus for both Altron Karabina and its customers in 2019: “A challenging global and local economy enables a closer focus on change. We see companies looking more closely at transformation that delivers cost savings, improves systems and processes and brings a focus on customer intimacy. Those willing to invest at this time, have an opportunity to transform and digitise, improve processes and go on a journey of business efficiency, and we are gearing up to support that. At the same time, we at Altron Karabina are transforming internally, building skills and capacity, and ramping up for our own African and international expansion, as well as that of our customers.”

Award-winning Microsoft partner

For 2018, Altron Karabina was named Microsoft South Africa’s Data, Analytics and Artificial Intelligence Partner of the Year for the 13th time, Business Applications ERP Partner of the Year, and Industry Application Development Partner of the Year. Altron Karabina was also named as a finalist in the Modern Workplace, Best New Practice and Cloud CRM categories.

With a mission to ultimately help business succeed, with relevant, innovative solutions using Microsoft technology, Altron Karabina’s core services include digital transformation, data analytics, data management,  Office 365 and Digital Workplace, Customer Engagement and Dynamics ERP solutions.

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This advertorial was originally published in the IT Web Brainstorm Supplement, Alpha – Meeting the Azure opportunity. 

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