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ePetitions provides a framework that:

  • Has been built to enable online Petition submission
  • Can be extended to submission of a range of other information types
  • Is enabled for web browser (on desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone)
  • Provides petitioners with regular status updates
  • Enables stakeholder management of the ePetitions process
  • Provides extended reporting and tracking
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Altron ePetitions is built on the combination
of Microsoft’s Power Platform and Microsoft Dataverse.

Altron ePetitions is built on Microsoft Dataverse–a cloud-based data backbone that is secure and highly scalable.

Microsoft Dataverse includes an already-comprehensive data model and accompanying logic that can be used as-is or extended to meet business needs.

Altron ePetitions blends the power of Microsoft Dataverse coupled with Azure Synapse Analytics and Power BI to derive world-class accountability and insights from Petition-related data.

Altron ePetitions

Digitising Petitions for Public Sector

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