Enabling Efficiency with Digital Workplace Solutions

Still chasing paper? There’s an app for that

Productivity has been blamed for many things. It’s been accused of being the buzzword that killed creativity, the most irritating word of 2017 and the term that your business is least likely to avoid. These terrible tabloidesque accusations could put a company off, but they’re happening for a very good reason. Productivity is the buzzword du jour because of what technology has done for it and the potential it offers. It’s no longer the bleak worker chained to the desk of time sheets and KPIs, it’s the ability to achieve more and do more with so much less.

It’s into this landscape that Karabina, the 2017 Microsoft award winner for Re-inventing Productivity, steps. The company builds solutions that assist organisations in finding their way along the digital transformation path.

“We focus on business process automation, employee productivity, digital transformation and mobile capability,” says Troy Gerber, digital workplace competency lead, Karabina. “We submitted four projects for the award and they all have a single golden thread running through them – digital transformation, and improving productivity and performance while getting things done faster.”

Enabling efficiency with impactful solutions

Karabina selected solutions that had the greatest impact on its customers’ businesses throughout the year. The first looked at improving workplace productivity for a company in the retail sector. Designed to improve systems and processes for the people on the ground, it focused on employee engagement and real-time information sharing. The mobile app allowed store managers to capture facilities management information in real-time, such as a broken lightbulb or maintenance required, for the relevant personnel to action straight away.

“Another project was implemented in the building industry, reducing the turnaround time for actionable items from 24 / 48 hours to immediate,” says Gerber. “The client can now manage multiple properties more efficiently, and use the app to capture information while on site. It took a system requiring people to scan or email information, wait for manual capture, and then action, and turned it into a real-time, actionable system that is quick and instantaneous.”

The third solution focused on taking a company through a comprehensive digital transformation journey over a five-year period. Karabina has been closely involved – looking at every process and system, replacing old ways of communication and collaboration, rebuilding the intranet, migrating data to Office 365, and creating an on-premise and cloud-based platform.

“We restructured the way they collaborate by using Microsoft technologies and we’re still engaging with them on a change management programme,” adds Gerber. “Finally, our fourth project saw us migrate a company completely to the cloud – a total of 64 business processes were shifted from manual to digital and are now completely automated.”

Instant savings

The clients from these projects have seen a saving on their infrastructure from day one. The move from infrastructure dependent on-premise servers to the cloud was an instant budget cut. In addition, the solutions were enabled within the first week of roll-out.

“Data could be pushed straight down to employees from the cloud, without IT having to come and do it for them,” says Gerber. “We used SharePoint Online for the intranet and implemented Microsoft’s complementary collaboration solutions to transform communication. As a result, the speed of getting the clients into the cloud and enabled was fantastic.”

The companies can expand on services they require on demand and on a per unit basis, making it far easier to budget and manage.

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This article originally appeared in IT Web Supplement, Alpha – Enabling the cloud ecosystem, and written by Tamsin Oxford. 

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