eBook – Beyond the Sale: Successfully Implementing FP&A Software

Today’s state-of-the-art FP&A software systems allow CFOs and their finance teams to automate, accelerate and streamline their budgeting, planning, forecasting and reporting. And today’s systems do it all more accurately, with less human intervention than they have in the past. They also allow CFOs to understand with new precision and transparency what’s driving their company’s business results, and to model how those results might change in varying future scenarios. Choosing the right FP&A software is important to take advantage of all these benefits, but that is only half the battle.

Taking the right approach to implementation

A new survey by CFO Research, in collaboration with Vena Solutions, finds that while many companies employ a number of best practices when implementing new financial software, there is a large number that do not —including, in some cases, practices that affect far more than the success of the software. Some can even impact a company’s ability to compete in a world where technology laggards operate at an increasingly wide disadvantage to their more advanced peers.

An online survey of senior finance executives found that:

The Beyond the Sale eBook covers the following:

  • Why legacy FP&A systems are no longer enough in a digital world
  • Characteristics of a successful implementation
  • Best practices: how to drive a successful implementation
  • Minimising change management and process disruption
  • And more

The eBook also includes the following resources to assist you in installing new FP&A software:

  • Implementation checklist
  • Implementation questions for shortlist vendors

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