Your Digital Transformation Journey Requires a Trusted Partner

Digital transformation is undoubtedly the current industry buzzword. It’s also clear that digital transformation is something today’s business leaders have to face up to, even though it’s a concept that’s interpreted differently across diverse markets.

According to Grant van der Wal, CEO at Karabina, ultimately every industry is likely to be disrupted by digitalisation. As such, it’s vital that businesses understand what the implications are and what it will mean for their organisation, and the market space as a whole. “Business leaders are recognising that disruption is happening, but they struggle with understanding how it impacts their business and how to go about transforming. It is, however, clear that digital transformation isn’t something to be ignored, as it will provide the potential opportunity to leapfrog your competitors,” he says.

Uniquely positioned to be the trusted Microsoft partner

Karabina considers itself uniquely positioned to be the trusted Microsoft partner that can assist executives of companies in better defining a digital transformation strategy and Microsoft technology roadmap that will enable their business to achieve their goals and strategies.

Van der Wal says Karabina chose to take a journey with Microsoft from early 2001 and has been through various waves of technology change and improvement. This has not only enabled the company to modernise and transform as the industry itself has evolved, but has given it a clear understanding of both the past and the future – and how the two tie together – which Karabina views as a major value proposition.

Karabina has been a partner to over 300 companies over the last 17 years, helping them achieve business impact with Microsoft technology. The company believes this provides it with the ability to advise customers on the outcomes that are important to their business, and how best this can be achieved in a cloud-first world. Heath Turner, customer engagement and sales director at Karabina, says: “Additionally, we’ve designed our business and capabilities to, in effect, touch all elements of the digital transformation journey that our customer will need to undertake – to solve challenges related to data, customer engagement, the digital workplace, corporate performance management, ERP and Microsoft cloud enablement.

“We’re able to provide our customers with a full digital transformation journey across their business, or provide the traditional professional services in one or two of the competencies that are a priority – which may result in a full modernisation programme, if the need exists and we deliver the right business impact.”

This makes a Karabina partnership with customers much more relevant. The customer can focus on a specific challenge that needs resolving, and the Karabina team will develop a roadmap aligned to their investment cycles and business priorities.

Turner suggests that thanks to Karabina having the six well established and focused competencies mentioned above (which includes AI, machine learning and data science), the company is able to help their customers, business people, to succeed.

Ability to have relevant conversations with customers

“We have a tremendous track record in delivering on customer requirements,” says Van der Wal. “As our business has grown and matured, we have harvested the understanding of the key challenges and pain points that are specific to each of these areas. In this way, we’re always able to have a relevant conversation with the customer, and provide them with solutions tailored to the particular challenge they’re facing. Ultimately, we view technology as nothing more than an enabler. For us, success is determined by the overall solution we offer and how we couple the technology to processes in the most capable and simple manner, to enable the customers to achieve their goals. Our differentiator lies in the conversations we have with our clients about the business value we can offer them, and the speed with which we can deliver it.”

Van der Wal indicates that Microsoft is well positioned to take the lead in the digital transformation space. He adds that Karabina’s initial decision to partner with the multinational is enabling it to reap many rewards now. “Our goal has always been to be seen as a leader in our particular niche, and we have achieved this by building something sustainable and of substance alongside Microsoft. We really couldn’t ask for a better partner in this regard.

“Looking ahead, we have plans to focus on new markets, which will, in turn, give us access to a larger customer base. To this end, we’re looking to Africa initially and, ultimately, internationally. This means that our canvas for the future is huge and we see enormous opportunities going forward. These opportunities will, of course, be built on the foundation of our leadership and our trusted advisor status, which positions us to play a massive role in the digitally transformed future,” Van der Wal concludes.

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