Digital Transformation Success at Global Mining, Farming and Chemicals Company

Digital Transformation Success Omnia

In a groundbreaking project, Omnia Holdings, a market leading manufacturer and distributor of chemical services and solutions to the agricultural, mining and chemical industries, engaged Karabina, experts in business technology solutions and the Microsoft platform, to provide complete Digital Transformation success across all of their systems and processes, using Microsoft technology.

Digital Transformation Success Omnia

The Omnia Holdings CFO, Wayne Koonin, embarked on leading a project that looked at their core systems and business processes and he felt that changing the system would help them to change their business.

The project started approximately two and half years ago, with the primary focus addressing internal processes and improving systems. That has now moved to an external focus on how best to service their customers by leveraging the technology and systems that were put in place.

Previously, Omnia had experienced a very complex environment. They had a number of systems with each business unit running its own system. There was inefficient use of standardisation, hardware and software and a lack of consolidation on the servers.

Choosing the Microsoft Platform

The decision to use the Microsoft platform was because of its ability to scale from the operating system right through to the technology in the frontend. A big plus factor was that everything looks and feels the same, and using the systems became quite natural for everyone to use. This helped user adoption and better change management.

Technology is the fundamental enabler

We live in a digital age where most businesses are either embedding technology at the core of its business, or building their entire business around technology from the start.

This project has allowed Omnia to buy technology and not build technology and they were able to focus on their core business of fertilizer, mining explosives and chemicals. This was a huge advantage to them.

From Dynamics CRM, to SharePoint, to Office365 and Dynamics AX – all of the products and platforms are integrated so the user experience was seamless. Dynamics AX was a perfect fit for Omnia due to its functionality in core manufacturing, warehouse and distribution and complex production.

The project has created a platform that has allowed Omnia to take advantage of new technology, and move Omnia forward so that they can become a leader in the industry.

“This project with Omnia is a scarce example where a partner, Karabina, has been able to take the breadth of Microsoft solutions and intellectual property across industry and across technology to provide an unbelievable example of digital transformation”  says Derek Kudsee, Partner Sales Lead, Microsoft South Africa.

The Omnia customer is now also starting to feel the benefits of the project. Turnaround times have dropped dramatically, the statistics are remarkable and customers are going back to Omnia and buying simply because the service levels have improved. They are able to offer their farming customer’s data driven solutions like big data, machine learning, the science of soil and theoretical modelling and are able to package the solution to the farmers in order to unlock value.

Digital Transformation Success

The digital transformation success is enabling Omnia to streamline operations, to make an even greater contribution towards improving global farming and mining practices, helping to boost yields, and provide better returns to customers. It is also helping the company to make a real difference in a changing climate by utilising data and technology in order to bring about more efficient management of the resources, for today and for the future.

Due to the joint success of the programme and continued partnership and the trust that has been built, Omnia, Karabina and Microsoft look forward to every new project and jointly ask “What’s next?”

To embark on a programme that leads to digital transformation success at your company, simply Contact Us and we can discuss your requirements and business needs.

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