D365 FastStart

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O Accelerator

D365 FastStart delivers a full D365 F&O implementation
with the following project delivery features as standard:

Comprehensive Project Governance Documentation

Project governance from Statement of Work, Project Charter through to Playback Guides, Cut-Over Plans and Data Migration Plans are included. 

D365 F&O Best Practice Business Processes

This starts with the Business Control Model (BCM), the Business Process List, Functional Requirements Document (FRD) and Task Guides linked to the Dynamics LifeCycle Services (LCS)  

FRD per Sub-Feature

Each Feature in the business process will have a FRD down to Sub-Feature Level down to a Task Guide on how to execute the process managed in DevOps.  

Fully Functional DevOps Structure linked to Life Cycle Services

LCS structure for standard business processes to be built and synced to DevOps. Test Cases will be uploaded onto the Sub-Feature level and then synced to DevOps.

Preconfigured D365 F&O Application With One Master Legal Entity

A standard configured system on a Master Company to be configured. This Legal entity will serve as the basis for the implementation. 

Task Guides Used As Training Material

Task Guides per business process are used as training material and related configuration data that needs to be maintained automatically synchronized into DevOps. 

Catalogue of Value-adds

A catalogue of value-adds is available for many common business processes across Finance, Sales, Procurement, Master Planning, Warehouse and more. 

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