Altron Karabina’s D365 FastStart enables faster, more cost-effective, compliant ERP implementations

D365 FastStart enables faster cost-effective compliant ERP implementations

Altron Karabina has announced the launch of D365 FastStart, a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations (F&O) implementation solution, which it has developed to enable faster, more cost-effective and immediately compliant implementations.

D365 FastStart is designed to fast-track the resource- and time-heavy business analysis process with pre-packaged solutions based on years of experience to guide successful ERP implementations. It therefore made strategic sense for Altron Karabina, Microsoft’s Partner of the Year for 2022 for Industry Solutions and Data and AI, to sign onto Seer 365’s GYDE365 platform.

Adding GYDE365 to its toolkit enables Altron Karabina to provide both prospective and existing customers with a suite of tools that will increase employee productivity by standardising and automating several key tasks that currently pull heavily on their internal resources.

Pravesh Parbhoo, Head of Business Applications for Altron Karabina, says the business is constantly looking for new ways to improve the way it operates, particularly where innovations can have a direct and immediate benefit to customers.

“With our innovative survey-based product, you can quickly and easily gather valuable, targeted insights directly from your business, giving you a deep understanding of preference, pain points and priorities. This enables you to tailor an approach for maximum impact and to meet business needs. Our intuitive platform streamlines the entire survey process, from designing and distributing surveys to analysing and leveraging the results. By harnessing the power of business feedback, FastStart empowers businesses to make data-driven decisions, improve efficiencies and improve productivity. Ultimately, we signed onto GYDE365 to say goodbye to guesswork and hello to accelerated time to value.”

Christan Marais, D365 Finance and Operations Solution Architect at Altron Karabina, says the FastStart solution was developed after the business identified the need to shift towards increasing value and eliminating repetitive work with a standardised Microsoft Solution approach.

“FastStart is a template-based solution,” he says. “It gives organisations early traction on ERP Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O implementations. We follow Microsoft’s best practice with an ERP system. It is a project in a box, so to speak – a predefined solution that enables businesses to save on time and costs. It does this by eliminating the time-consuming business analysis process and focusing instead on guiding customers to success with their ERP implementation.”

Some of the benefits of the solution include cost and time savings, guaranteed success, good governance and compliance, and fewer customisations. The end result is that quality and value are enhanced.

He says another important benefit is a bundled package of artefacts as defined by Microsoft, such as business control model, blueprint, project governance documentation, data migration strategy and testing strategy, among others. “It’s essentially a pre-packed solution that guides a customer on what level of project governance is applied in a roll-out of FastStart,” says Marais.

Targeted at medium to large-scale enterprises, the platform kickstarts and fast-tracks a project, but also improves the overall value that the customer derives. “For example, there are no written manuals. Rather, there are task recordings, which become an online training asset for the company,” he explains.

Perhaps one of the most compelling characteristics of D365 FastStart is that it guarantees success, says Marais. “By going into a customer’s environment with a predefined solution – which was built from years of experience by leading members of our team – we are able to provide an upfront solution that works and then guide the customer in how the landscape will look.

“This is the opposite of the old-paradigm approach of analysing the business and then trying to map it into the ERP and coming back with recommendations of what you can and can’t accommodate. The D365 FastStart approach ensures best practice and guarantees success as consultants are able to focus on the delivery aspect of an implementation,” he says.

Marais says Altron Karabina has embedded developments that the skilled and experienced team has brought to the table, which are the result of customisations the business has built over the years and that were repeatable across industries and implementations. “The result of all of this is that D365 FastStart enables Altron Karabina to deliver D365 F&O consistently, significantly faster, efficiently and compliantly.”

This article was originally published on ITWeb on 08 May  2023

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