Crisis Communication app from Microsoft

Crisis Communication App

With news of COVID-19 spreading, the teams at Microsoft quickly got together to create a Crisis Communication app to help customers coordinate their own information sharing and team collaboration in response to evolving conditions in times of crisis.

The Crisis Communication app is a solution that combines the capabilities of Power Apps, Power Automate, Teams and SharePoint and can be used on the web, mobile or in Teams.

The key features include:

  • Employees can report their work status (e.g., working from home or off sick) and make requests. This helps managers coordinate across their teams and helps central response teams track status across an organisation.
  • Admins can use the app to push news, updates, and content specific to their organisation, and can provide emergency contacts specific to different locations.
  • The app includes the ability to add RSS feeds of up-to-date information from reputable sources such as WHO, CDC, or a local authority.

Microsoft are giving all Power Apps users temporary access to a premium feature, Power Apps Push Notifications.

In addition to the above you are also able to do the following:

Monitor absences with Power BI

Once you have the app deployed and people start to notify you that they will be out of the office for various reasons (working from home or off sick), you can also use a Power BI report to track how many and where those people are located.

Integrate your app into Teams

You can create a crisis management team within Microsoft Teams to respond to issues

Take a look at the video for a demo on the Crisis Communication app:


  • Sign up for Power Apps
  • You must have a valid SharePoint Online licence and permission to create lists
  • You must have a public SharePoint site where you can store data for the app
  • Download the assets from

What licenses do I need to run this solution?

  • The solution in this app uses Office connectors. Hence, a seeded Power Apps license from Office is sufficient to run and play the user and admin apps.

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