The Cloud Wars

In the late 1990’s and early 2000 Microsoft was involved in the “War of the Browser”. The biggest competition to Microsoft Explorer at the time was Netscape Navigator. With every version Microsoft and Netscape tried to outdo each other. At some point Netscape just could keep up anymore with this relentless competition and Netscape no longer exists. I still have fond memories of this browser.

Fast forward to today and the “Cloud Wars” are heating up. There are 3 clear leaders in this space. They are Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft (Azure) and Google Cloud (GCP). In the IaaS, PaaS and SaaS services, these three cloud providers hold a commanding position among a host of other cloud providers.

These three cloud providers all play in the same space and are all competing for customers. But what are the key differentiators?

Amazon Web Services

Of the three cloud providers, AWS is currently seen as the leader in the public cloud. AWS has a fast set of tools that continues to grow daily which makes Amazon’s capabilities unmatched. The issue however is a very confusing cost structure and a singular focus on the public cloud. The dilemma with this focus is that AWS’ hybrid cloud functionality (inter operability with on-premises data centres) is not a top priority.

Microsoft Azure

Azure is seen as the competitor to Amazon’s dominance in the public cloud. Azure has exceptionally capable cloud infrastructure tools and services. Most enterprise customers prefer Azure as it “speaks the enterprise language”. What does this mean? Microsoft is known for their enterprise background and Windows support. Microsoft knows that customers still run on premises data centers and works hard in making sure that the Azure platform is inter operable with these data centers.

Google Cloud

Currently GCP is seen as the well-funded underdog in the cloud space. Google entered the public cloud space late and does not have the enterprise focus that helps draw corporate clients. Google plays in the deep learning and artificial intelligence space. Google has some industry leading toolsets in in GCP, but once again, the focus needs to be the drawing of corporate customers.

Whatever Cloud or Clouds you choose, remember to start your Cloud Governance strategy early on. You can read more about Cloud Governance here.

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