Case Study: Supergroup rapidly deploys BI using timeXtender

Supergroup is a large and highly diversified organisation offering services to the manufacturing, distribution and convenience goods sectors, with three main divisions (Supply Chain, Fleet Solutions and Dealerships) and multiple sub-divisions operating in numerous countries.


In a large organisation, getting a consolidated view of information to drive the business decision making cycle is always difficult and hence the need for a data warehousing and a Business Intelligence (BI) environment. A BI environment provides a platform to seamlessly analyse information across various different environments and source systems. Traditionally however, building a data warehouse and a BI environment is a lengthy and complex endeavour requiring a significant investment in time and skills.


Guillaume Pool, the head of Technology Solutions at Supergroup realised that in-order to provide a higher level of service to his internal customers he needed to have a way of rapidly enhancing as well as customizing Supergroup’s data warehouse and BI environment.

Karabina provided Supergroup with timeXtender, an internationally recognised leader product in the rapid data warehousing and BI fields. timeXtender is tightly coupled to the Microsoft Business Intelligence stack while providing the flexibility to build out models for other BI front-end tools directly from the Data warehouse.

“timeXtender has provided us with a platform to rapidly build and enhance our BI environment which in turn means happy internal customers with significantly faster access to information.” – Guillaume Pool – Head of Technology Solutions


Armed with a good understanding of the requirements and the rapid BI capabilities of timeXtender, Guillaume was able to build out the data mart and the first set of OLAP cubes within 4 hours of the original installation of timeXtender. In less than a day, users were able to interact with the information from multiple different systems to validate the integrity and to provide feedback on the structures.

With typical data warehousing development cycles being black holes taking months for business users to get access to data that meets their analytical needs and reports that show meaningful data, this was clearly a dramatic improvement.

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