Case Study: Modern data warehouse brings reliability and speed to employee benefits company

Case Study Modern Data Warehouse

The Pain Point

An international specialist employee benefits firm was faced with the challenge of collating key financial data required for the accurate and reliable reporting on their client profitability metrics.

The main issue was the time taken to manually consolidate the range of unstructured external data sources that were required to accurately calculate these metrics – very little of this data came from ‘internal’ systems.

The Solution

Altron Karabina, South Africa’s leading Microsoft data and analytics partner, helped their client to implement an automated ingestion process and accelerated the deployment of a modern cloud-based data platform.

This was achieved by leveraging Microsoft’s Azure stack of products and solutions such as Azure Data Lake, Azure Data Factory, Azure Databricks, Azure SQL Server, Analysis Services and of course, Power BI, which was necessary to render and deliver dashboard reporting in a visually appealing way to the users.

The Result

The project reduced the time needed to collate and ingest the myriad of unstructured external data sources, from a week or longer, down to a reduced time of only one hour.

Not only was client profitability reporting now at the fingertips of executives but the manual processing required to generate the respective business unit’s income statements, was reduced significantly and improved, by using a Power BI dashboard rather than Excel.

Furthermore, the underlying datasets were now in a conformed and structured manner that could be easily reused and leveraged for additional reporting requirements. This modern data warehouse further provided the client with a scalable, reliable and trusted centralised reporting asset to incorporate additional data sources that could be leveraged to bring about holistic management reporting across all spectrums of the business.

In summary, the client is setup for success and can confidently and comfortably transition into the next phase of their Digital Transformation strategy which will differentiate them in their respective market sector.


This case study highlights Altron Karabina’s ability to not only implement successful projects and bring about real meaningful value to our clients but further demonstrates our ability to adopt and effectively utilise and implement Microsoft’s latest technologies to deliver quantifiable value to our customers.


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