Case Study: Legacy Lifestyle

Case Study: Legacy Lifestyle

Executive Summary

Legacy Lifestyle is an exclusive, high-end rewards programme that rewards its members with Lifestyle Rands when they purchase online and in-store, from selected luxury brands. Due to its rapid growth, the company required a platform on which to manage almost one million members and 270 brand partners. The solution needed to include member on-boarding, account management, rewards management, customer service, outbound communications and campaign tracking.

Legacy Lifestyle had carried out a detailed analysis of the alternative solutions and selected Altron Karabina to deploy Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 application. Altron Karabina was able to build a solution that enabled them to manage their sales and customer service processes, integrate to a marketing automation platform and provide effective reports and insights on sales targets and member spending patterns.

The Challenge

Legacy Lifestyle presented our team with several challenges that needed to be overcome, including the integration of Dynamics 365 with the Adobe Campaign marketing automation suite. Other key requirements included the ability to provide partners with relevant member insights including value and frequency of spend, campaign management at a per member and per partner level, individual profile management for each member, and reporting dashboards for management and partners.

Data was extracted from multiple databases and via different user interfaces. These challenges made it difficult for Legacy Lifestyle to scale its business.

The Solution

As a business with extensive experience in data, customer, workplace productivity and performance solutions, and experience in a multitude of Digital Transformation programmes, we were able to assist Legacy Lifestyle with the following solutions in or integrated with Dynamics 365:

  • Sales Process Automation
  • Partner on Boarding Process
  • Promotion Approval Process
  • Partner Cancellation Process
  • Query Management Process
  • Data Warehouse Replication
  • Integration to Adobe marketing platform
  • Document Management with SharePoint Online
  • Intuitive Dashboards using Microsoft Power BI

In Dynamics 365 we built a campaign approval process, that begins with the creation of individual campaigns by the in-house design team, content approval by the marketing department and the linking of individual campaigns to partners. When the campaign has passed all the approvals, and is ready to be executed, the relevant information is sent to the Adobe platform. The actual campaign is then run from Adobe. Once the campaign is over, the campaign results are sent back to Dynamics 365. The delivery of each individual campaign is automatically linked to a specific contract line, as confirmation that Legacy Lifestyle has delivered on the requirements for a specific campaign.

The solutions we were able to implement helped the company with effective and intuitive sales management through:

  • Business process flow automation
  • Rich profile management of Legacy Lifestyle Members
  • Seamless on boarding of new partners
  • Exceptional customer service by making use of the query management process
  • Effective reports and analytics of sales targets
  • Member spending patterns.


Our experience with Altron Karabina has been really positive. With the D365 implementation, they have helped us automate key business processes, provided us with a comprehensive view of customer behaviour and significantly improved our business insights.”


Michael Levinsohn, Managing Director


The Results

Prior to the solution implementation by our team, many of Legacy Lifestyle’s processes required high levels of manual intervention. Once implemented, the client was able to manage members and partners in one environment and to obtain a holistic view of member’s spending behaviour.

Data was passed seamlessly between Dynamics 365 and the Adobe digital platform. Power BI was integrated into the data warehouse, making reporting more insightful and business decision much more effective. Legacy Lifestyle was able to provide partners with key insights about spend at the partner on a per store and per campaign level, which was a key pre-implementation deliverable.


To download the PDF version of the case study, click here.

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