Case Study: Information We Want, Instantly and Accurately

Case Study: Information We Want, Instantly and Accurately

Executive Summary


Master Drilling, based in South Africa but with operations internationally were faced with challenges involving their data – either accessing it, making sure the data was relevant and due to the data being difficult to access as well as difficult to understand, there were time delays in making managerial decisions. Karabina implemented a trio of solutions – Jet Enterprise for Dynamics AX, Microsoft Office 365 and Power BI – that integrated seamlessly, and made filtering through thousands and thousands of records a thing of the past.


“Jet Enterprise allows us to get the information we want instantly and accurately” 
ITC Manager

The Challenges


Master Drilling realised that valuable time was being wasted due to management having to search through masses of irrelevant data, in order to get answers for specific or pressing business questions.

Managerial decision making processes were often delayed and were too complicated, due to their data either being too cumbersome to access, difficult to understand or both.

Over and above the issues with just trying to get to the correct data, Master Drilling also lacked collaboration tools, where their findings could be shared or worked upon. Creating reports from the data was also time consuming and tedious.

The Solution


Karabina worked with Master Drilling in order to understand their major pain points and determine the best solution to solve it. As a leader in data management and data analytics, we were easily able to suggest solutions that would give them quick time to value, would integrate with their financial and operational systems and ultimately lead to quick adoption within the company.

As Master Drilling uses Microsoft Dynamics AX as their ERP, Karabina suggested Jet Enterprise for Dynamics AX, as it is purpose built for that software and combines data from a variety of sources into a single data warehouse and dimensional cubes. We are also able to implement the solution in a matter of days.

“There is no need to wait until month-end report packs to see where you stand. By focusing on proactive rather than reactive reporting we can now identify and correct deviations much quicker than with our previous month-end report packs.”
ITC Manager

The Result


Using Jet Enterprise, Karabina were able to put accurate, easy-to-use data into people’s hands straight away. The business decision makers were able to start making decisions in an instant. The users were now able to view their data inside of Excel, on the web, or on mobile devices, in Power BI and more.

Jet Enterprise is pre-configured to provide insight and analysis across a number of areas in the business, including Finance, Sales, AP, AR, Purchases, Manufacturing and Inventory. This gave Master Drilling a granular visibility of each department’s performance and the insight and understanding to make improvements. The nature of the framework also makes it extendable to include many other data sources, if required in the future.

With Power BI, the company’s data could now be converted into rich visuals, allowing users to collect and organise key information and share it with other users. Users can view latest versions, spot trends as they happen, and make business decisions based on this data.

Implementing Office 365 provided users with access to a cloud service which can be accessed in the office or offsite. Users are able to collaborate using shared folders, publish latest reports to these folders and ensure that everyone is looking at the same data, at any time and from anywhere. With security permission controls and version control, all users were now wasting less time, confident that their reports were reflecting the true data and making decisions that were best for the company.

“Using the cubes, I can draw information for my specific management requirements. I do not have to work through masses of irrelevant data to get to an answer for a specific management question. It assists in making decisions faster since the information is easy to access and understand and assists me in quickly and accurately proving or disproving business hypotheses.

Producing management reporting takes less time due to the benefits explained above and being able to immediately convert the information into graphs for reports.”

Financial Manager, South Africa

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