Case Study: HR and Payroll Analytics for King Price Insurance

King Price started in 2012 with a handful of employees. As a promising and innovative car insurance company, they have grown from 30 employees to over 500 employees. Whilst striving for service excellence and providing a competitive and value-added insurance product, King Price hired the right people and implemented the necessary systems to maintain their high levels of service and excellence.

With the correct systems in place, the IT department kept up with the demand for high performing networks, high uptime, reliable connectivity to servers (E.g. Exchange server), timeous operational reporting and valuable business insight, to name a few. But one area that had needed more attention, was People Analytics.

Altron Karabina engaged with King Price on their requirements and implemented a people management system, Sage VIP, which automated many previously manually managed processes from leave allocation to salary structures.

The Challenges

When King Price started it was a small company with a small amount of people. The people were easy to manage and employee management, leave allocation and salary breakdowns could be run on something as simple as Excel spreadsheets. As the company grew, however, effectively managing back office components became nearly impossible without a proper system in place.

The Solution

Having a system that facilitated all the required, standard practices across HR and Payroll helped optimise the business through the removal of many hours of manual labour to reach an easy answer to questions like:

  • How much leave does a staff member have left?
  • How many staff members exist in which business unit?
  • How many new employees started in the last quarter and how many staff have left or transferred?
  • What percentage of salary expenses is being allocated to group life benefits?

Using Payroll and HR data effectively has allowed King Price to comfortably move up the people management maturity ladder to the point that King Price can now start doing proper People Analytics.

King Price have invested in a Business Intelligence (BI) solution, called Business Analytics, which feeds straight off their Sage VIP data. While Sage VIP runs like clockwork, this has allowed King Price to start delving into the data of Sage VIP through Business Analytics, and to do more in-depth people analytics including trending, forecasting and predictive analytics. With the amount of historical data available within their payroll and HR system, King Price can easily and quickly analyse prebuilt KPIs, turnover of staff across a timeframe and the company’s equity status (BEE) at any time.

Sage VIP, along with Business Analytics, accelerates a business’s people management maturity through automation, ease-of-use, flexibility and business insight.

Sage VIP provides the foundation for people insight to grow and to thrive, while Business Analytics enables drill down and visual analysis through the BI architecture and presentation layer.

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