Case Study: Water Monitoring Company uses Azure IOT and Power BI

The Pain Point

With the many droughts happening across the world, and Cape Town’s Day Zero fresh in our minds, clean water is clearly one of our most precious resources. One of Karabina’s clients, a water monitoring company that supplies smart meters, wanted to use their meter data to help their clients identify leakage through water pipes. This would help to both conserve a vital resource and reduce costs to the client’s customers.

The Solution

Karabina worked with the client to provide an analytics-focused environment for meter data located solely in the Microsoft Azure Cloud. This data was ingested through Azure IoT Hub, and ended up in Azure SQL Database.

Karabina created dashboards to assist the client make sense of the large volumes of data coming from utility meter readings and sensors, and these were encapsulated in a web portal using Power BI Embedded.

Azure Stream Analytics was also used to stream data into Power BI for specific real-time dashboards.

The Result

As a result, municipalities and other customers have been able to benefit from early warnings of over-consumption and reliable fault detection to ensure that millions of gallons of water do not go to waste.

Its a win-win. By providing their customers with valuable information that helps to save water as well as money, their customers see more value in working with the supplier.

Have you thought about how you can provide additional value to your customers that will help reduce customer churn and make them stay? Solutions that will attract new customers that are used to the norm and now see you as exceptional?

There are hundreds of solutions available to you by using Microsoft Azure, our skilled data and customer engagement consultants and a company with over 17 years experience. Karabina can help to analyse your business and suggest a solution and a roadmap for you to provide value to your customers.

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