Case Study: Business Analytics for Supergroup

Supergroup is a diverse company offering various services to the manufacturing, distribution and convenience goods sectors. Their client, Mars and Wrigley had a specific requirement for the provisioning of a logistics solution to drive their goods to market. Supergroup had to deliver and deliver quickly.

An innovative ‘Van Sales’ concept was developed which proved very easy for Supergroup to implement. The product was implemented within a rapid timeframe rendering immediate value.

A project of this scale would typically take weeks to implement, but due to the packaged IP and rapid delivery processes followed by the Altron Karabina team – the solution was delivered within days.

The implementation assisted the management team to immediately start driving efficiencies.

“Our business needed a BI solution that could provide instant business value without requiring lengthy service deployments and complexity.”
– SuperGroup General Manager


The Challenges

Reporting and analysis however were a different challenge. The lack of visibility into the van sales environment posed a significant threat to the success of the venture, simply because there was no visibility into the key performance areas. This impacted:

  • Planning
  • Efficiency
  • Demand Forecasting

It made it extremely difficult to understand how Supergroup was delivering against its mandate.

Supergroup was effectively in the dark and a solution was urgently needed.


The Solution

Business Analytics for Pastel Evolution is a pre-built, enterprise-grade business analytics product developed specifically for Pastel.

Given that the underlying ERP was Pastel Evolution, Altron Karabina’s product potentially offered the ideal solution.

The value lay in the fact that it could be installed, configured and deployed within a day, providing critical insight into the Van Sales business from day one.

Business Analytics for Pastel Evolution allowed Supergroup to gain immediate visibility into the Van Sales business from several perspectives:

  • Debtors
  • Creditors
  • Payments
  • Orders
  • Sales and Inventory

The multi-dimensional view of these critical operational areas assisted Supergroup to understand behaviours, trends and profitability and in so doing provide strategic insight into which areas of the business required specific focus.

“When we showed our client the results of what the Altron Karabina team were able to achieve in less than a day, nothing they had seen had come close and it was immediately adopted”
– Supergroup GM

More than this, Supergroup was able to report in detail to its customer on sales and profitability per van, product and region and empower them to remotely access this information at any given time. Critical reports are configured to automatically be delivered to key stakeholders so that they have a strategic view of business performance daily.

As a result of the implementation, the company now has a strategic platform to drive decision making and value in the business.

“It was immediately apparent to me that the product could provide rapid value to the business in a timeframe unprecedented in the BI market today. This is exactly what we needed and Altron Karabina, in collaboration with their business partner, were true to their word in implementing, deploying and showing value within days”
– Supergroup CIO

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