Case Study: Improved communication, member + visitor management for Cape Town Tourism

Cape Town Tourism

Executive Summary

Cape Town Tourism (CTT) is the City of Cape Town’s official regional tourism organisation, responsible for destination marketing, visitor, and industry services. CTT wanted to generate high yield tourism all year round and bring 1.9 million visitors to Cape Town, increase revenue, and become globally recognised as an innovative customer-centric tourism marketing association and connector.

To achieve these objectives, CTT was looking for a mature Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform that aligned to their business processes and a suitable partner that could deploy it for them. They decided to select Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement as the CRM platform and Microsoft Gold Partner, Altron Karabina to assist them with their strategy and deployment.

The Challenges

CTT has various stakeholders. They have members which are typically tourist attractions, restaurants, hotels and stores that have joined CTT and they get listed on the CTT website. Visitors are also stakeholders, as they look to CTT to provide great deals, to get the latest information on what to do, what to see and so on. CTT markets the members to the visitors. Lastly, they also have prospective members – potential new partners they would like to get on board, that they need to sell to and show the value of the CTT services.

Although the CTT business is customer-centric, there was no cohesion between departmental processes and data, and it was difficult and time consuming to close the loop on their customer engagements.

The brief to Altron Karabina was to help them produce a meaningful and relevant experience between all CTT touch points, their members and their visitors. The focus was on placing the visitor in the centre of the overall Cape Town destination experience.

Other key requirements included the ability to validate CTT’s value add to members, non-members and visitors. They wanted to be able to record and analyse any interactions with CTT and service the needs of the potential visitor, new and existing members and non-members, as well as effectively market their members’ attractions and value.

Cape Town Tourism case study

The Solution

Altron Karabina, a business with extensive experience in customer engagement solutions and the technology landscape, worked hand in hand with CTT. From analysing their requirements and their touch points to understanding the data they wanted to be able to capture and share internally as well as with stakeholders and listening to the internal users and their experiences, we were able to assist CTT with the rollout of Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement.

We delivered Sales, Marketing and Customer Service modules, as well as a third-party solution called Click Dimensions. Click Dimensions, native in Dynamics 365, was an absolute imperative to CTT in order to manage marketing campaigns, leads, communications (such as email and SMS) and analytics.

The end-to-end Dynamics 365 implementation helped CTT to streamline processes, increase customer visibility to meet business needs and align these with their overall strategy and objectives.

Cape Town Tourism

The Results

Prior to the solution being implemented by Altron Karabina, CTT experienced integration issues between platforms.

They had multiple platforms that were not easy to use or support. Once Dynamics 365 was deployed, CTT was able to manage members and visitors in one environment and are now able to obtain a more holistic view.

They can now communicate with members and visitors alike and record the interaction. The investment in Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement offers the means to now close the loop from new leads (members) being generated by the business, to the leads progressing and becoming members, as well as the ability to re-engage with visitors.

One of the processes that has benefited the most is Member Renewals. From being a manual process managed by an external party, that was very difficult to manage, CTT now has a lot more control. It is automated, smooth and seamless and this has created efficiencies in the business and enabled better returns for CTT.

Another positive to the business is in relation to their data integrity. Customer reporting was previously produced in an Excel spreadsheet, with lack of version control and trust in the data source.

With Dynamics 365, all reporting is pulled from the one system, which provides a single view of the customer, data reliability and better decision making.

With the success delivered in these areas, Cape Town Tourism is looking forward to partnering with Altron Karabina on utilising the Customer Service functionality of Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement for their Visitors Centre.

This will enable them to handle any incident/accident management, retain case information and be able to communicate and report from the platform.

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