Azure Cost Management

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Let's Start with 'Why' - Azure Tenant Management Services?

Implementing Altron Karabina’s Azure Tenant Management Service can help you:

  • Manage Risk: by ensuring all data in your organisation is secure, backed up and always available
  • Reduce Costs: by ensuring you only pay for the Azure licenses, compute and cloud subscriptions that are necessary; where possible, we will advise on how best you can save by optimizing your Azure configuration
  • Drive your Growth: by ensuring you have a high-performing, high-quality, secure but accessible Azure platform.​

Then 'What'

Altron Karabina views the approach to cost-saving of Azure spending through three levers.

The most often used is rearchitecting and engineering the environment, typically delivered through a ‘Landing zone design’ engagement or full environment architecture and implementation review.

The areas of ongoing cost tracking and awareness as well as ongoing continuous optimisation are often overlooked, and are critical next steps.


Review and possibly redesign your architecture to optimise for purpose and cost.

Cost Tracking

Track costs periodically, assign costs to applications or businesses and study infrastructure changes to enable business decisions.

Continuous Optimisation

Periodically propose recommendationsfor optimisations mitigating wasted costs.

And finally 'How'

Gartner’s Public Cloud Cost Management Framework is closely aligned to the approach that Altron Karabina proposes to customers.

Altron Karabina’s proposed ‘Cost Tracking’ and ‘Continuous Optimisation’ levers align to the Gartner Framework as you see on the right:

Cost Tracking

Cost tracking will cover a number of dimensions to ensure optimal cost management

Continuous Optimisation

Continuous optimisation is a proactive and preemptive service to ensure that the environment is operating effectively against changing needs, priorities and services.

IMAGE_Cloud_Cost_Gartner_Framer. v2

Delivering on the Azure Cost Management Service

The service runs a monthly schedule that starts with the cost tracking and continuous optimisation analysis by our skilled and certified Azure Consultants (week 1)

Next, a consultative process of presenting, discussing and agreeing which of the recommendations can be implemented, aligned to your review and change processes (week 2 through 4)

Ready to learn more?

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  • 1

    Week 1

    Cost Tracking and Continuous Optimisation Analysis

  • 2

    Week 2

    Workshops with Resource Owners / Application Owners and Agree actions

  • 3-4

    Week 3-4

    Follow CAB Process and Implement agreed changes

  • 4

    Week 4

    Consolidate outcomes of planned optimisations.

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